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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fringe, Fish, Funny, Fearless, Film & A Fit

How are you spending your weekend? Shovelling? Surfing the Net dreaming of warm weather travel destinations?

If you're in the Peg? My deepest sympathies. If you're in a warm climate... good for you, just don't rub it in. Thanks!

Usual Sunday drill. The Strombo show will be broadcast from 5-8pm EST on the Corus Radio Network or listen LIVE on the net...HERE.

Monday, January 19th

Joshua Jackson

Perhaps I`m the only person who never watched Dawson`s Creek... regardless, it had a very successful run and launched the careers of Jackson, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams and many others... Joshua was part of a star packed cast of the excellent biopic `Bobby`in 2006.

Currently, Joshua is starring in the Fox TV series Fringe that is garnering good notices and even better ratings.

Though his IMDB does not list it - Internet rumours state that Josh appeared as an infant in the fabulously eerie George C. Scott horror Classic - The Changeling.

Markus Frind

The old adage that there are `Plenty of Fish`in the sea is often touted by friends and loved ones when one breaks up with Mr. or Ms. sooooo NOT Right. That theory and a simple dating networking site has garnered a good buck for the Founder and CEO of `Plenty of`. Markus Frind`s theory that unlike other dating sites, members shouldn't have to pay to play.

So for those carrying more than your fair share of work while your coworker trolls for the Catch of the Day...this is the guy to blame.

Tuesday, January 20th

William `Bill`Ayres

Predictably, the last US election was rife with mudslinging, mavericks and accusations of Obama`s propensity to `pal around`with terrorists.

Now a prolific author, Professor of Education and advocate for educational reform in the US, Ayres was once part of the Weathermen - an anti Vietnam activist group who bombed government buildings in protest.

A Chicago neighbour of Obama, their ties were made to seem close by the McCain camp to cast a negative light or guilt by association about Obama's character and judgement. This will be a good one....

Wednesday, January 21st

Barbara Becnel

Barbara is fearless in her fight to clear the name of her friend, collaborator and founder of The Crips gang, Stanley Tookie Williams, executed in California in 2005.

While in prison, Williams had renounced his gang past and was a passionate proponent of teaching non violence to youth by spreading a strong anti-gang message, so much so that he was nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Despite passionate efforts to spare Williams' life, Becnel and many other supporters including Snoop Dogg were unsuccessful and she was a witness to his death by lethal injection. Afterwards, she was quoted as saying. " We are going to prove his innocence and when we do, we are going to show that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in fact himself a cold blooded murderer. "

She ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic Gubernatorial nomination - wonder if her political career has only begun?

John Pinette
On a lighter note... a quick scan of Youtube confirmed what I`d suspected - that I have definitely seen John`s hilarious stand up comedy routines in the past. He's disarmingly funny and for my money, anyone who can make me laugh without dropping the F-bomb every second line is to be commended.

He's played numerous Comedy festivals, filmed specials and recorded DVD's including I'm Starvin' and I Say Nay Nay. Add some poundage and you may also recognize John from one of THE most famous TV cameos of all time. John played the role of `Howie`on the Seinfeld finale. He was the poor schlub mugged on the street while a heartless Jerry, George, Kraemer and Elaine laughed at him. The gang was not laughing when they were subsequently arrested, tried and convicted for breaking the 'Good Samaritan' law.

John's embarking on a mini tour for Just For Laughs - so if you're in Toronto, Ottawa, St. John, Moncton, Halifax or Charlottetown - you're in luck. Check out ticket links HERE.

Thursday, January 22nd

Richard Roeper
In the land of dream jobs, Richard Roeper ranks up at the top. Roeper has long made a living as a movie critic, columnist at the Chicago Sun Times and on TV's Ebert and Roeper.

Roeper has left the TV project due to a failure to negotiate a suitable contract though he plans to return to the tube in a yet unannounced movie review program.

Erin Brockovich

Famously portrayed by Julia Roberts in an Oscar winning role; Erin Brockovich`s true life struggle to assist victims of groundwater contamination in Hinkley, California - a suit which saw payment of $333 Million dollars to the plaintiffs in the battle is well documented.

Brockovich became a reluctant celebrity after the film and has parlayed her notoriety into a career as an acclaimed speaker, high powered consultant and author.

Her book is titled - 'Take it From me, Life's a Struggle but you can Win'.

According to her website? 98% of the movie portrayal is accurate. I'd love to know whether her offer of a drink of water from a Hinkley well to opposing counsel was part of the 98% or the 2%.

Friday, January 23rd

James Cameron
Acclaimed director, Canadian born James Cameron has always been passionate about film. Feature films like Titanic, Aliens and the Terminator franchise are his main claim to fame. He's also developed television and created some stunning documentary work.

God help him if he`s wearing these 3D shades to catch Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers 3D. That's about 3D`s too many wouldn't you say?

The Smashing Pumpkins

No D`Arcy and no James Iha in Pumpkins 2.0. In the reformation of the seminal 90`s group The Smashing Pumpkins, it's the Billy and Jimmy show in this, their 2oth Anniversary.

Billy tells it like it is. He`s as ballsy as he was as a young thing. I confess, I`d be one of those fans that would feel ripped off if they didn`t revisit some hits in concert. His scathing assessment of the record business is good viewing... a controlled fit.

Whether a Pumpkins fan or not, you`ll be engaged by this convo. Personally, I blew the dust off the old Aeroplane Flies High Box Set and gave the discs a spin. The music holds up.

Have a great week and don't let the snow get you down! Can you believe it's T minus 2 days to the Obama Inauguration? The anticipation is almost too much. Regardless of one's political stripes, this will be an event for the ages. I am thankful that even in the excitement not for one moment had I considered picking up the phone and ordering the Obama collector plate. Tacky, tacky...

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Barbara said...

Tuesdays guest was stopped at the border...William Ayers, a former anti-war activist with ties to U.S. president-elect Barack Obama, said it seemed "a little absurd" Canadian officials denied him entry into Canada over the weekend.