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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Hour this week Dec 21-26

The Strombo Show live from The Edge
Strombo Show every Sunday afternoon from 5-8pm EST (2-5PT) on 102.1 The Edge (Toronto), 99.3 The Fox (Vancouver), Power 97 (Winnipeg), Y108 (Hamilton), and FM96 (London).
On the Strombo show this week The Artist Life will be playing live. Snow permitting.

The Hour Christmas and Hanukkah week
includes many of this years best interviews.
Monday December 22, 2008
These are the Dave's we know...
Do you recall George's interview with the interviewer?
Sir David Frost

Super Dave Osborne
the greatest daredevil superstar entertainer of all time...

David Foster
david foster
  • Birth Name: David Walter Foster
  • Birth Place: Victoria, BC
  • Profession: Producer; composer; songwriter; musician
Tuesday December 23, 2008
Mafiaboy was interviewed by George on The Hour first.

plus you can't miss (even for a second time)
A very sweet interview with one of Canada's most widely-read authors Farley Mowat
Plus a riveting chat with director
Spike Lee

Wednesday December 24, 2008
George interviews another amazing interviewer.
Barbara Walters

Journalist, writer, and media personality.
Gordon Ramsay
Chef, Author, TV host and teacher.

and singer Michael Bublé

Thursday December 25, 2008
Merry Christmas!
George sits down with
Paul Martin
Former Liberal Leader and Prime Minister

Favourite sport to play: Golf

and an interview (I enjoyed more than I expected) with
Valerie Bertinelli

This man got a standing ovation at the taping.
Bob Newhart
Here is a clip of a classic Bob Newhart sketch

Friday December 26, 2008
Lee Thomas
"I'm a black man turning white on television and people can see it," says Thomas, an anchor and entertainment reporter for the local Fox Broadcasting Company affiliate

Bill Maher
Author, Comedian and television host.
Maher is known for his political satire and sociopolitical commentary.

Did you know Newton played the character "Andy Walker" in two episodes of the TV series Bonanza.

Happy Holidays!

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