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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Music, Moguls and Mouthpieces...Oh My.

It's beginning to look a lot like a lot like the non-denominational wintertime seasonal celebration and merriment extravaganza! 'Happy' whatever you might celebrate. My favourite is still Festivus. In the words of Frank Costanza - 'I got a lot of problems with you people'.

The Strombo Show is LIVE this week and features an in studio performance of the most excellent Sebastien Grainger - formerly of Death From Above 1979.

Sebastien is now fronting his own outfit, fittingly called Sebastien Grainger and the Mountains. Not to be confused with Mountain! Sebastien is taking part in the cross Canada benefit tour Jingle Bell Rock - the next stop happens on the 15th at the Burton Cummings auditorium located of course in Winnipeg. The tour continues to migrate West. Other performers include Metric, Tokyo Police Club and The Dears.

Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains

Check out the best in a new genre called 'F-Rock'.

Back in TV Land on The Hour - a terrific variety of guests will grace the Red Chairs this week - chairs thankfully left unscathed by the visit of the original furniture jumper himself, Tom Cruise. Whew... can you imagine trying to replace the chairs this close to Christmas?

Monday December 15th

Don Cherry

Canadian Icon... masterful pitchman and snappy dresser Don Cherry joins George for a chat.

Don shoots from the lip. Oh how I'd love if the topic of one Sean Avery should arise. Remember he dared to slam Grapes in HIS interview with The Hour?

In the Series The Greatest Canadian - Don finished 7th. He is currently promoting the new book Don Cherry's Hockey Stories and Stuff.

Divine Brown
What's in a name? If you're Divine Brown, a whole lot. Her voice is pure expression, elegance, range and power. She is - in a word - Divine.

She's been at the music game for some time now, working away to develop her sound and her brand. She's even dared to remake a Joni Mitchell classic... and pulled it off masterfully. Pop wannabes and flavour of the month performers should take note. Divine has staying power.

Her latest release is called The Love Chronicles.

Tuesday December 16th

Eric Chivian

A part of the Green Machine...Eric Chivian is a physician with Harvard Medical School and the author of the book Sustaining Life: How Human Health Depends on Biodiversity.

Apparently, the book is written in language that's easily digested by academics and lay people alike and paints a sobering picture of how human health and sustainability of our species depends on the earth's ecology.

A little light reading? Not likely. Important reading? Definitely.

Brian McKnight
Girls... hold on to something cause here comes the voice...

Most noted for the single, Back at One, R & B performer Brian McKnight has collaborated with big voiced Divas like Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and the sublime Mary J. Blige to Puffy to Josh Groban - Brian is now promoing a Christmas disc...

Wednesday, December 17th

Arkadi Kuhlmann

CEO of ING Direct - the undisputed leader in the field of the branchless bank concept. His business is growing exponentially and competitors are scrambling to compete.

On a society that has handed out credit cards like trading cards, Kulhmann has remarked that they are the 'Opium of Consumerism.'

The best question George could pose - "Have you ever been tempted to sucker punch the annoying 'Save Your Money' guy from your ads?"

Malcolm McDowell

Clockwork Orange. That seminal Stanley Kubrick masterpiece alone would establish Malcolm McDowell as an Icon.

Scanning the man's IMDB page could cause carpal tunnel. He has done it all. Film, episodic television and his current turn as Dr. Calico in the new animated film Bolt.

Thursday December 18th

Parminder Singh & Harnarayan Singh

Hockey Night in Canada --- in Punjabi. Can we get a shout out Brampton? Holler...

Singh Squared have been delivering the broadcast to the Punjabi speaking community since last year's Stanley Cup playoffs and the interest is growing.

How great to bring Canada's game to a wider variety of fans who can now enjoy the game with colour commentary in their native tongue.

Apparently - the Punjabi word for Ice is `barf' so describing an icing call is a challenge.

December 19th

Welcome to Friday... the your guess is as good as mine day. No guests have been announced as of yet. Check out The Hour's website for the latest lineup changes.

One Million Acts of Green Update...

551,769 acts and counting. Don`t forget that new options are being added so if you`ve already registered your acts, why not check back on the OMAOG website... perhaps there`s more you`ve done to top up your total! Donating clothing is a relatively new entry - so many of us do this on an automatic and regular basis. Recycling your tree will be a big one too.

So... enjoy the week, The Strombo Show, The Hour and whatever else you may get up to!

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Barbara said...

I was able to add 5 more acts of green with the new choices... if everyone did that, we would be well on our way.