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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The week starts with the Geminis!

GEMINI AWARDS GALA SUNDAY OCTOBER 28, 2007 Celebrating the best in Canadian Television and and Canadian talent.

Sunday night 8 pm The Geminis, hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos, produced by his production team and the CBC (and they worked their asses off to do this for you, so you should watch is all I am sayin')

One more link about the Gemini Awards from the Regina Leader-Post
OK another link from anonymous comment # 3 who suggests you view it from about 46 minutes in to see a behind the scene preview of the Gemini Awards.
and finally

Results of the Gemini Awards from the CBC site

What is on The Hour this week?

Tuesday October 30
Wyclef Jean While rooted in hip-hop, Jean takes in all of the musical spectrum, from rap to reggae, Miles Davis to Pink Floyd. Also, his lean childhood gave him a social conscience and keeps him from glamorizing life on the street the way other artists do.

Wedneday October 31
Kenny vs Spenny
Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice produce a hit TV show and some gonzo Documentaries.
also on the show
Vicente Fox

President of Mexico from 2000 to 2006.

Thursday November 01
Famous music producer has worked with U2 and Bob Dylan.

Daniel Lanois
Instrumental music "can speak louder than singing," Lanois explains

Coming this week on our blog
A conversation with Jian Ghomeshi


Steph A. said...

Speaking of working their asses off:

mich said...

Cool article! I'm interested to see the show... even if it has to be from my couch. Next year... that's all I can say... next year. ;)

Anonymous said...

46 minutes in...

Barbara said...

Thank you anon # 3 . Excellent.

mich said...

So... no one's talking about the Geminis last night?

Anonymous said...

The Gemini show had a really good pace and smooth flow to it and no one went on and on thanking their grade school teachers etc. I had a thought that some of the presenters' warm ups could have been shorter so that award recipients could have had a few more seconds. I didn't realize the show would only be an hour. I liked Howie at the end - he really is the Fave ! (reference Sally Field's you like me, you really like me!).
There was a lot to prepare for in the short time from Wednesday considering co-scriptwriter Paul was sick.
On a trivial note G's shirt looked too tight at the neck as it was all pulled in by the tie - I was wondering about a wardrobe check !!

mich said...

While I agree that it was jam packed, I think it was almost too jammed packed. There were lots of great elements introduced to the show, but the telecast felt at times that it was a two hour show, trying to fit into the one hour. The lead ins to the awards were waaaaaay too long and there was not nearly enough time for the recipients. The whole Paul Gross acceptance thing was horrible, particularly since he was bringing up William Hutt's nephew to speak and they cut him off.

That said, I get what they were trying to do, and overall I think it worked. There were a few things that I raised an eyebrow at: the aforementioned Paul Gross thing and the whole Taryn Spencer-Nairn thing of being the speech cop bothered me... the set up in the audience was funny, but when she actually came out on stage and questioned the winners, I found it really awkward, but maybe that's because I was really looking forward to hearing what Gross had to say about Hutt.

But over all it was very good night, but more emphasis should have been placed on the awards, in my mind... since that's the nature of the show.

The Viewer's Choice award countdown was interesting, I'm just not sure I like that it was the last award of the night (a spot usually reserved for the biggest award of the night). Mandel's speech was funny, and the random Canadian Tire guy was amusing...

The opening skit was hys-freakin'-sterical. Love what they did with it. Great set, I want to work with that designer. I didn't notice the shirt issue mentioned by anon @9:46, but thought he looked good in the suit. What else did I like... oh, I liked that it was only an hour since that's my tolerance for award shows.

So how's that for a mixed review? :P

Anonymous said...

I liked the opening of the show; very original. There was a big play up about the Viewer's Choice Award involving public voting prior to the Gemeni's so maybe to emphasize Public involvement they thought to close with the VCA. Taryn's role might have been downplayed somewhat as it must have been distracting for the recipients while they were speaking.

Anonymous said...

another bit of G on video ... but will anyone put the award show online I wonder? Maybe just the pre-taped bits?

Steph A. said...

I enjoyed the Gemini Awards and really appreciated the fact that the show was only a shade over an hour long. The time flew by. The opening skit was amazing. I thought the stage looked awesome. It was a very different Geminis show from previous years and the difference was like night & day. Hmmmmm, I wonder if George & associates would like to tackle the Juno Awards next?!?!?!?

However, I did find the the "on the spot" interviews with the winners distracting. I feel that if someone has earned an award, that is their moment to shine...and their moment alone.

Also, within the confines of a one hour program, I found the review of the Viewers' Choice Award list way too redundant. Perhaps just one review of spots 2-5 would have been appropriate just prior to the announcement of the winner.

mich said...

I agree steph... maybe he should have done the VCA in the same way he does The List...

mich said...

I'm not sure which threads people are reading today, so I'm posting this comment in a couple of the most recent threads (I'm sorry if that's taboo, please let me know if it is...)

There is apparently going to be a student doc about George S. on CFRB this Sunday during the show "CFRB presents...", which ironically is the time slot the Strombo Show occupied.