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Monday, October 22, 2007

Rock N' Roll.......Jesus!

What a numbskull!
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Kid Rock arrested in Atlanta on Sunday, after fight in Waffle House.

Go to rueters for full article:

Never being fully convinced of liking or disliking the guy; he's always intrigued me in some deranged way.
Could be that he reminds me of an old boyfriend, or perhaps it's because of his unconventional career/life choices....not quite sure, but was really looking forward to his interview.
Hopefully it was pre-taped for the show, if not, should add a great comic twist for any rescheduled visits to The Hour!


mich said...

I'm pretty sure I remember seeing Kid Rock listed as a pretape on the ticket page and I'm pretty sure everything is pretaped or a rerun this week.

That said, I am not sure I will watch the interview... I cannot stand Kid Rock. Usually, I give Stroumboulopoulos a chance with people I can't stand, but I'm not sure I'll be able to do that with this one. That photo creeps me out.

Anonymous said...

Kid Rock is almost always a great interview, and Ive always heard, a really good guy.
I'm not into this music, but I'll always watch an interview with him.
Glad I dont have the press on my ass with everything I do.

and yes, it was a pre-tape

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Kid Rock, but some women glue themselves to his dirty, unwashed lovin'. They rush to see him live, famished to bang his hot and sensual bawitdaba.

I hear he's still in Toronto, if anyone's interested...maybe a little menage a trois with Vern Troyer...hmmm?!??!

mich said...

So as much as Kid Rock repulses me, I watched the interview last night. While my original opinion of him has not changed, he did make a few good points during the interview. I still have to say, I still don't see the appeal of Kid Rock... but that's okay.