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Sunday, October 07, 2007

The week ahead...

Monday, October 8

As today is
Canadian Thanksgiving, I assume that The Hour will be a repeat broadcast. On behalf of The Stroumboulopouli, I would like to wish all our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 9

Stephen Lewis (former United Nations Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa and all around fine person) joins George at the Newstand.

Also, on the show will be Leon Eric "Kix" Brooks III and Ronnie Gene Dunn, better known as Grammy and Country Music Award winners Brooks & Dunn.

Wednesday, October 10

Super-talented Scottish singer and songwriter K. T. Tunstall.
Holocaust survivor and one of Canada's most controversial citizens Dr. Henry Morgentaler.
(Special reminder for Ontario residents...TODAY is Provincial voting and referendum day...please be sure to get out and vote!!!!)
Thursday, October 11
Hip-hop renegade M. I. A. will be on the program. Also joining George will be entrepreneur and philanthropist Frank O'Dea, co-founder of Second Cup.


Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see that Dr Morgentaler will be on the show. He got an honorary degree from Western a couple of years ago, and let me tell you, there was a lot of controversy around campus. This guy has made a lot of difference for women and their access to safe abortions, because a woman who comes to the conclusion that she needs an abortion will have one no matter what. He went through a lot to help them/us.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering, i tried to access and it doesn`t work anymore...

Jenuine said...

Good for you for addressing this issue.
Most people don't associate Dr. M. with women's advocacy. Unfortunately, a high percentage of these people only see the issue they're against and do not want to hear the reasoning behind what he does, or why he has sacrificed so much for what he believes in.
In addressing this issue, however, your words ring very true:

"a woman who comes to the conclusion that she needs an abortion will have one no matter what."

Mich said...

I'm not sure why, but I find it really odd that Brooks and Dunn are on the show tonight.

Anonymous said...

As someone who witnessed a complete lack of regard for human life during WWII, it is ironic that Dr. Morgentaler does what he does.

Jenuine said...

Anon 12:28,
Your statement, as well, could be viewed as a contradiction.

By stating the following, I am not by any means condoning war, however;
For as much as pain, suffering and desperation comes about by war, it also brings out incredible acts of compassion, sacrifice & hope.
So really, who is to say what Dr. M. witnessed? Or how it shaped him to become who he is?

Jenuine said...

On a lighter note:

I too was suprised to see them on the guest list & even more surprised to hear George admit that he likes country music. I was relieved when he clarified liking "old" country.

Mich said...

I was surprised to hear that he liked country (though I can't stand old country... too twangy for me... I prefer some of the new stuff - with less twang). I'm still trying to figure out WHY they were:
a) in Toronto
b) on The Hour

I know they launched a new CD, but it just still seemed out of place to me and very random.

Granted, it was an interesting (yet, slightly bizarre with a weird vibe) interview.

Anonymous said...

George had mentioned a while ago that he liked some of the 'old greats' of country music. Brooks & Dunn seemed caught off-guard somewhat during the interview when it became Politicized.

The show continues to be very diverse as evidenced by K T and Dr. M. appearing the same night.


Anonymous said...

Hi, could some one tell me what song was playing in the intro on tuesday show.IE: g, sitting on the couch listening to a radio, I thought this was a good skit. Plus could you Barb, publish the sue johanson interview? Thanks.

Mich said...

I was disappointed with Morgantaler's interview, not because of George, but it seems that Morgantaler was struggling through it (I remember the Morgantaler struggle at its height and thank him for giving me the right to make my own choices). I also admire George's stance against the use of the pro-life/pro-choice monikers because of the misconceptions associated with them.

I was not impressed with the M.I.A. interview yesterday, but found the O'Dea (sp?) very interesting.

I was hoping to get to a taping next week, but alas, the stars are aligned against me.

Steph A. said...

Anonymous @ 10:45 - I believe the song you are referring to is "Songbird" by Kenny G.

Mich - Considering his age (early 80's), I thought Dr. Morgentaler still seemed quite with it. When I wrote the original post, I had to take a moment to think of which adjective I would assign to him...controversial seemed appropriate. I always think of him in terms of quote I came across while studying Political Science..."One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter".

I also enjoyed the Frank O'Dea interview...rather inspirational. As a daily visitor to Second Cup (I'm addicted to their Moccaccinos :-)), it was interesting to learn more about the person partly responsible for its existence.

If it makes you feel better, I've yet to make it to a taping either...too many work commitments, too little time. I'm hoping to head down next month.

Jenuine said...

I admire George for stating his opinions, however, I don't think this issue is so black & white, when it comes to individual stances.
Yes, the debate seems to be; either you're for it or against it, but, the most important issue should be allowing the law to give women a CHOICE.
The whole reason for Dr.M's struggle with the law, was to be able to offer these women an informed & safe choice. He gave them the ability to access medical & psychological information related to the procedure, to aid a woman in making such a decision.
I find it offensive to hear protesters say, in general, we should not allow abortions to be legal. None of them know the factors involved in each individual case.
It may be, that some women use it as a form of birth control, but unfortunately, any system is going to have it's abusers.

mich said...


It's likely I was projected personal experience from interviewing someone in her 80s in the past few days for a series I'm currently working on. Also, last night I was watching it online, so I was probably more impatient than I normally am when it comes to interviewees. Really, the substance is more important than the delivery... it would do me good in my field to remember that.

I'm also a huge Second Cup fan... what an inspiration he is, showing that with determination and the right doors opened, that success can be attained.

My coprod and I wanted to go next week but in the time it took me to write the email requesting tickets, the show next Thursday sold out. So we'll wait until a new block is posted. I went to the show twice in the spring, with my niece and nephew and they enjoyed it.


The most important issue is that women have the right to make choices for their own life and body without legal repercussion. I should have been clearer... what I meant is that I liked the fact that Stroumboulopoulos made it clear that the terms "pro life" and "pro choice" do muddy the water... which is how a lot of conflict begins. All women have the right to choose their own destiny, and that is what Morgentaler fought for, and ultimately won for all Canadian women... taking a huge risk to his own personal safety. There are not many people in the world that would willingly stand up for something like this, risking their own life and freedom to make the world a better place for others.

carol s said...

All the years seeing Dr. Morgentaler on TV, he never seemed to age and I really noticed his age in the interview. If I remember correctly, he was born in 1923?

Did not know a thing about Frank O'Dea before last night. I was stunned (I think my jaw actually dropped) when his Mother said she would never forgive him... I was hurt and I don't even know the lady!

I salute both men for totally different reasons...

Jenuine said...

I completely agree with everything you said, and I apologize if I came out sounding combative.

Maybe I misinterpreted what George was saying, and I'll have to watch it again, but while viewing, I thought he meant, that there should be no pro-choice in the issue. That it should only be either for, or against. (Which is what I was disagreeing with.)
To me, whichever view point you have, the first acknowledgement should be for advocating individual choice. By stating this, it shouldn't automatically put a person in the pro-abortion catagory. If you don't have pro-choice as a starting point, I really don't think you can have a proper debate about the issue.

Anonymous said...

so some women are worthy of being allowed to have abortions and some are not? simply because they may have had previous abortions? who are you to make this decision about another woman's life?


mich said...


I went back to The Hour site to see if last night's show was still up, but it's not. If I remember correctly, he was responding to an email that requested that he put a "pro-life" advocate on the show to provide "balance" (not sure I understand why this show needs to balance every single issue, it's not a debate... but I digress. And I'm ornery tonight. ;) ) After reading the email, Stroumboulopoulos said something about that the monikers of "pro-life" and "pro-choice" are misunderstood and tend to throw fuel on the fire. He said on the show that they are either for or against abortion... and something else, I forget. I'm going on memory (which is hazy from a continual lack of sleep... I work too much). I think what he meant is not that he's anti-abortion, but that really the argument comes down to you either approve of abortions or you don't... saying you're pro-life or pro-choice muddies the water. Maybe that comes from the stance I know a lot of people take... that they are anti-abortion for themselves, but are pro-abortion for women who want it and choose it.

Does that make sense? I've been painting and I had a day of mind-numbing paperwork (I am not a fan of being tied to my desk...) so I'm not sure if I am actually being clear and coherent.

Jenuine said...

In re-reading my comments, nowhere did I see myself writing anything about making a decision for another woman's life. Or for that matter, about deeming them worthy of an abortion. I believe I've been quite clear that my intended theme was about EVERY woman having a choice....regardless of the situation.

Yes! As clear as "muddied water".
Haha...; P.
That made total sense to me, and it just so happens to be my position on the subject.
For me, I can almost say with certainty, that I could never follow through with an abortion. (Never having been in that position, I guess I can't say it with 100% certainty.)
However, I think if a woman feels she needs to terminate a pregnancy, I agree that she should be allowed to make that decision, without persecution from the law.
I also think that a woman who makes that choice, does so with a heavy heart and most likely has many years ahead, if not a lifetime of emotional healing to go through. It's enough, I'm sure, to have to deal with that, let alone the harsh judgements of, not only strangers, but friends and family. Not an easy path to take, I would think.
And thanks for remembering the context of G.S's comment, I actually didn't hear the e-mail previous to his statement.
(Although enjoying this conversation, due to that fact.)

mich said...

Perhaps I am fortunate, because the women who I know who have gone through abortions have not suffered or dealt with long-term emotional issues from it. For them, it was the right decision at the time, and they are better off now than if they had continued the pregnancy. That said, I have heard of women who have an abortion and regret it every minute of their lives. I've not met one, but I've no doubt in my mind they are out there. And that makes me sad that they feel guilt, shame, shunning, whatever for a decision they made for themselves.

What would I do faced with an unwanted pregnancy? I am fairly sure I know what I would do at this exact minute, but I also feel I am knowledgeable of the "benefits and consequences" to be confident in whatever choice I make. What would I do if my situation was different? I don't know, I'd have to see where my head was and where I want my career/life to go... the consequences of having a child and working in the television industry can be disastrous.

The point that must be made is that every woman should have the right to make the choices that best reflect who she is and how those influence her life. Women should not be disgraced or humiliated or judged for a decision she thinks is best for herself... she should be applauded for having the gumption to what she thinks is right, rather than what others may think is right.

Support and knowledge are key.

Anonymous said...

j -

"It may be, that some women use it as a form of birth control, but unfortunately, any system is going to have it's abusers."


Jenuine said...

Yeah....still not seeing it.

From this comment,
how do you get from it that I'm deeming someone unworthy of an abortion, and somehow I'm "making a decision about another woman's life"?
I'm simply stating that, yes, some women have used this as a form of birth control, (substituting this over other methods).
I am NOT saying that because of this, we should deny them the right to do so.

I have no say in it....I would never tell a woman what to do with her own body.
I may not agree with it, but so what?

Barbara said...

Re the Sue Johanson you can find the info here...

Anonymous said...

barbara - which one is it? that's a pretty long directory!


Barbara said...

Episode 146... but they don't have the video in the archives.. only information about it. I have not seen it. I don't have cable...

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