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Friday, October 12, 2007

A lighter week Oct 15 th to the 19 th

Monday October 15
Legend Ronnie Hawkins . The Hawk will be on The Hour Monday and according to George the Hawk is looking for lots of chicks to be in the audience...

Tuesday October 16
I will be there on Tuesday in the audience with a date, and we will see...
Writer, filmmaker, photographer
Elyse Schein & her sister Paula Berstein will be on the show.
Plus opera singer Paul Potts discovered on Britain's Got Talent
If you have not heard Paul Potts sing before check out this

Wednesday October 17
Model and business woman Iman is on the show
Did you know Iman is married to musician/actor David Bowie?
In addition to running a successful beauty company, Iman is actively involved in several charities including Mother’s Voices, Action Against Hunger, The Children’s Defense Fund and The All Children Foundation. She recently completed her first book, I AM IMAN (Universe, 2001), an autobiographical sketchbook of her working life.

Thursday October 18
Suze Orman hosts two TV shows about finance and had just published a book called 'Women & Money - Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny,'
Also on Thursday
John Leguizamo A multi-faceted performer and Emmy Award winner, John Leguizamo has established a career that defies categorization... so watch the interview and learn more.

and Friday is always good because its the best of the week.

Speaking of good I would like to know what you thing of Good Idea with Hilary Doyle.

Here is the link to the clip if you missed it...


Steph A. said...

My 65 year old MOTHER is SO looking forward to Ronnie Hawkins being on the show tomorrow. She has indicated that she thinks this will be the best edition of The Hour...ever!! :)

mich said...

I'm rather disappointed that my coprod and I couldn't get tickets to Thursday as I quite enjoy John Leguizamo and I would have enjoyed that.

I've heard interesting stories about Iman from a friend who is on the Project Runway crew. I will try and sit through her interview, but I've never been able to do so before, but maybe with Stroumboulopoulos things will be different.

Other than those two interviews, I'm kind of meh... about this week's lineup.

As for the Hilary Doyle segment? It looks like it has potential to be an interesting segment, though I didn't like the first installment. I'll have to watch a few more segments before deciding whether I like it or not.

And on a kind of related note, while watching a back episode this weekend, I've decided that the "Best Story Ever" intro really has to go. I've never liked it, and I always mute it... am I alone in this sentiment?

Barbara said...

I almost switched my Tuesday tickets for Monday so we could meet Ronnie Hawkins... But seeing Paul Potts will be interesting, I have heard a lot about him.

Rick Mercer's best story ever was one of the best stories ever... It's hit and miss but it does tell you something interesting about these people. I did my own best story ever and it's up on the website but I don't blame you if you don't want to see it.. it's painfully amateur.
Mich you can always just go standby on Thursday and there is a good chance there will be some no shows.

mich said...

Going standby was suggested to me by the audience wrangler, but my coprod and I decided that we'll use the time in a production meeting rather than driving out for a non-guaranteed show. You're right that we could probably get in, but we're going to work instead. Granted, we'll be working in a pub (for some reason we do our best collaborating at pubs)... but yeah. Oh well, we'll go sometime soon.

The best stories ever themselves are usually good... it's the claymation intro that I think they need to get rid of. Mercer's best story ever is awesome... so is Carl Rota's. I can't think of any others that I really liked, but I'm sure there were some interesting ones. I just wish they'd get a new intro. But that's just me... and my opinion in the grand scheme of things really means nothing, and it's only a fraction of the show. I can deal... I just keep my mute button close at hand.

Ya know? ;)

Tracy said...

Hilary is likeable, the segment is interesting however if someone has 12K to get their cremains shot into the air - and only a small portion of them at that - leave the cash as a bequest to your favourite NFP! I would personally heave your ashes into the air, host a donor thank you event for that kind of dough. There may even be a cake but I couldn't promise.

I kept thinking that the subject of that piece should hook up with My Little Pony girl. Interesting dynamic. She could put on her outfit on launch days for that special flair - but maybe that'd be extra?

mich said...

I agree... I'm not sure I understand the appeal of launching your ashes into space... but I guess if you have money to burn it becomes something to do. Quite frankly, when I die, I want the cheapest burial/memorial available. I think it's such a huge waste of money... I'd rather the money be spent on something that would do some good, instead of for someone (me) that's dead.

The pony lady was... weird. She kind of scared me.

Anonymous said...

mich, you're not alone, I had been thinking the same thing. The Hour really isn't a show for children!

Jenuine said...

I LOVED the PonyLady!

Can't wait for Paul Potts interview! Was told to YouTube this performance after he won & was absolutely blown away. The passion in his voice is unbelievable, especially after watching him shyly enter on stage.
He was a cell-phone salesman, before winning the show & had never previously performed in front of an audience.

mich said...

Paul Potts will definitely be an interesting interview. Such a grand voice he has.

Ronnie Hawkins was hilarious. Good lordy, he had Stroumboulopoulos in stitches the whole time. And the cold opener was hilarious... and the closer even more so.

The pony lady, while I admire her enthusiasm for something she loves, it was just a little over the top for me. But maybe that's just me. I understand passion and drive, but obsession scares me. Then again, I wear a freak badge proudly, so take my opinion for what it's worth. ;)

Steph A. said...

The Ronnie Hawkins segment was terrific. My mom LOVED the interview and if she were web savvy I'm sure she would watch it over and over again. Meanwhile, my late father is spinning in his grave...for some reason he was never a big fan of "The

I'm curious to see the next installment of Hilary Doyle's new serial. It just dawned on me that instead of launching cremains, it would be preferable to launch a herd of My Little Ponies!! Now THAT would be a GOOD IDEA!! :P

Tracy said...

Ronnie Hawkins was terrific. No BS and some self important posers in show business should take a lesson.

In my opinion, the Cold Openings so far this season are really well done - the writers are on fire.

As for the Pony about calling it the Pony punt? You'd have to launch them intact because setting fire to their lustrous, colourful manes would cause all types of noxious gas emissions.

Looking forward to Iman - I have already selected my viewing wardrobe - my threadbare 1993 Blue Jays World Series t-shirt and yoga pants. Sweet.

Jenuine said...

"never previously performed in front of an audience."
Oops....a lesson in double checking my source - Sorry!

Nevertheless, held a smile on my face throughout the whole interview with Paul Potts.
What an endearing person, and I think that George was absolutely spot on about people being starved for real talent. Today's talent seems to be so marketed, glossed & edited, that it's so refreshing to find an amazing natural talent within an ordinary person.
It also re-affirms that if a regular, everyday citizen works at what they're good at, and takes those chances, they too can have a chance at greatness.
: )

Janna said...

As per usual... I disliked Hilary's piece. However, I am loving Carolyn Taylor... she is GREAT!

mich said...

The Paul Potts interview was great... but poor guy, you could tell he was NOT comfortable with being in the spotlight. I hope Potts does amazingly well with this CD... he deserves it.

Also not keen on Doyle's piece last night... I like the concept of the segment, I'm just not feeling the love on the production itself. The bike thing is interesting, though they look like they are as much of a death trap as the Smart Cars.

I am not feeling the love for tonight's guests... I'm not sure why I should be excited about this actor/director. I really wish we'd see more Canadian directors and actors on the show. Suze Orman may be interesting, but not sure. Just not feeling the love for the guests tonight... but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Steph A. said...

The opening/closing skit from last evening was just wrong. While I am aware that no ill-will was intended, there are some issues that should never be adapted in hopes of getting a laugh.

I much preferred this installment of "Is This a Good Idea?" over the cremains launcher edition. I live in the sticks, but I can easily see people in the city using the VeloMobile. I can also visualize them as a trendy tourist thing...visitors could rent them out and tour the city.

mich said...

I agree... I was a little weirded out by the cold open and close. I have to admit... I completely forgot what happened in the cold opener, so the closer made no sense to me. I was watching it on the East Coast feed, so I just turned to the Toronto feed and was reminded.

Yeah, weird choice for an opener. I *THINK* I know where he was trying to go with it, but it didn't get there.

Barbara said...

The bikes would be a novel and interesting thing to rent for the day for tourists...

Funny story when we were at The Hour the day Paul Potts was on, we were waiting to chat with George after the show and someone comes up to my date and asks him for his autograph... we paused, looked at each other and then realised the kid thought he was Paul Potts waiting around after the date is a singer but not opera...
I would not have minded Paul Potts' autograph either I wish he had stuck around.

Green Tea - Iced Tea said...

When I heard Paul Potts mentioned last week, somewhere, I thought of Pol Pot.