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Monday, October 01, 2007

On the show this week.....

Upcoming interviews:

Monday , Oct 01
Jason Priestley
- The diverse and interesting celebrity is involved with a new show.
(Please tell me the coiffure is GONE!)
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Monday , Oct 01
Creflo Dollar
- Televangelist discusses his controversial message of material wealth.
(Would that message be: "Send money!" ?)

Tuesday , Oct 02
Parvez Sharma
- A gay Indian Muslim exploring Islam and homosexuality.
(Some would say, proves Ahmadinejad wrong!)

Tuesday , Oct 02
Joan Jett
- The rock guitarist and singer has a new album.
(Hmmmm....embarrassingly just sang; "I Love Rock N' Roll", at Karaoke this weekend.)
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Wednesday, Oct 03
Tzeporah Berman
- She has been arrested and even called an enemy of the state.
(Looking forward to seeing)

Wednesday, Oct 03
Carlo Rota
- He stars in two hit shows on either side of the Canada - U.S. border.
(LOVE this guy!)

Thursday , Oct 04
Danny Glover
- A famous actor but also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.
(As long as there's no toilet scenes)
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Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you must judge people like Creflo Dollar. While he does ask for money, how do you know that the Power of God doesn't actually heal people?????

Janna said...

Hey Jen,
I like that coiffure on Jason! It is what made him so dreamy so long ago. I can't wait for this interview!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:20, the "Power of God" is free to those who wish to believe. Why does Creflo Dollar as for money?

Anonymous said...

Jason Priestly and Creflo $ will have to wait as Monday's show is being pre-empted, I guess due to Vote Out Poverty. GS is making a special appearance at the event according to the website.


Jenuine said...

Anon 1:20
I find it interesting that you found my comment to be judgemental.
Perhaps I'm ignorant on the subject, but isn't being a televangelist synonymous with asking for pledges/monetary donations from their followers?

For me, it raises several other questions:
What actual percentage goes to the needy, and in what way is it used?
How does God utilize that money to heal people?
I really am very curious to see this interview; to gain knowledge into a subject in which, I have no previous experience with.

Jenuine said...

In watching the interview, I applaud Rev. Dollar for being so forthcoming with his books, although, in foregoing his salary, he still openly accepts lavish gifts from his parishioners.

Another point to ponder is his opinion that, in sin, there is no measurement.
"Uh, sorry....not buyin' that one!"

Janna said...

Fascinating, Jenuine.

In the bible it does talk about all sin being equal. The sin of lying is weighed the same as murder. Sin is sin is sin.

Do you have any background or knowledge in that at all? (not accusing... just asking)

Anon 1:20pm, I think Jenuine was merely commenting on his televangelist status and that most if not all ask for money.

Jenuine said...

Hey Janna,
yeah....was raised Roman Catholic - baptised, first communion & all that.
Had too many questions, no one was willing to delve into which were usually accompanied by pats on the head & bible quotes.
For myself, I tend to stay away from blind faith & enjoy learning about varied religions & others' beliefs in finding what is right for them.
Nevertheless, in my eyes, I do not believe that lying is in the same league as murder, but that, is my opinion.

Janna said...


Here is the thing, I disagree with your point of view. It doesn't sound as if you are a Christian and please correct me if I am wrong on that... but I think you will find that Catholic's and Christian alike at least practicing one's would take great offense to your statement:

"For myself, I tend to stay away from blind faith & enjoy learning about varied religions & others' beliefs in finding what is right for them.
Nevertheless, in my eyes, I do not believe that lying is in the same league as murder, but that, is my opinion."

What you choose for a religion is totally your business... however, I will tell you right now that if you look closer your opinion is not the opinion of the Bible or Jesus. All sin is weighted equal. And while you might not want to believe that most practicing Christian's do. It was explained to me like this...

There is a sin line you cross it and you have sinned. In God's eyes whether you barely cross it or go miles over it, you have still sinned and therefore require forgiveness.

The Law that governs our land is with you the punishment for purgery is different then that of murder but in the justice of God it is not.

Just throwin' that out there for ya!


668 aka neighbour of the beast said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenuine said...

Oooh, I see we have another, deleted by author comment.
: )

It's ok if you disagree with my p.o.v, it's happened once or twice before.
; )
No offence was intended by my statement, nor would I ever state my opinion as being the opinion of the Bible or Jesus.
And it doesn't bother me to clarify, I was "brought up" as a R.C. with Christian ideals. As I grew older, however, I chose to walk away from that particular institute of religious education, preferring instead, to search out a journey of my own.
ok, so I do agree with you that in Christian terms, lying is considered a sin, as is murder. Yes, of course....BUT, I still maintain that in my view, they are not equal. (For obvious reasons)
Even in Catholicism, they differentiate the two.
"Venial sin is essentially different from mortal sin." Meaning that, venial sin is pardonable by temporal punishment, while mortal sin is considered to be an aversion from God, depriving the soul of sanctifying grace and his true last end, remaining in that state until satisfiable penance has been made.
(Having put that out there, I guess you could also argue that depending on the malicious intent of the lie, it could be considered either.)
I agree that sin is considered a sin, although the point I was trying to make originally is that there are most definitely varying degrees.

Janna said...

Hee Hee, I always wonder why the author chooses to delete... ;-)

And see you lost me with all the mortal and temporal stuff...

I disagree but still am more than willing for you to have your opinion.

I know that was the point you were trying to make and I just wanted to tell you from what I know and understand I disagree with it.

PS I know exactly were we can take this fight!!!! LOL...

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

ha ha... that was me deleting my comment. i changed my mind and i thought i would move it to my blog.

it was off the topic of god and on a different segment this week.

Erin said...

To the hour experts, a couple of questions:

1. What are those numbers on the screen behind the guests? The are often in the shot and I have no idea what they mean.

2.a)What is the best story ever brown clay thing supposed to be? (does it remind anyone else of the Mr. Hankey from South Park?)

2.b) Is it possible to not wink at the screen when you watch the best story ever intro?

...random questions.

Janna said...

HA HA HA Erin! Hour Experts?!?! That is great! Hardly. Well at least I am not.


Numbers? What numbers?
LMAO!!!! I AM SO GLAD YOU SAID THAT. I said that that reminded me of Mr. Hankey from Southpark and everyone thought I was MENTAL! LMAO!
I hate that into. LOVE THE BIT, but hate the intro. Personally, I would love to see them redo that one.

I don't wink at the screen during that intro but I might have to start. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what those numbers mean too. I think it's something like 00:00:17:23. I first thought it was a clock, but the numbers don't move. It's a little distracting and at times I'm looking at the numbers more than the guest.

My guess is that it was at 5:23pm that the first show launched? Or maybe instead of 1 hour long, the show is 1 really long minute!

Jenuine said...

Bring it on, Baby! HAHAHA!
: D

I too noticed the #'s & e-mailed that very same question to The Hour, a few months ago.
I never received a reply, but what I found was that perhaps it is a Bible reference to the unknown god:

Acts 17:23 (English Standard Version)
23 - For as I passed along and observed the objects of your worship, I found also an altar with this inscription, to the unknown god. What therefore you worship as unknown, this I proclaim to you.

Not sure why the 00:00, though, or even if I'm on the right track. I've also pondered the symbol they show over the guests' left shoulder. It looks like the Intl. diving symbol, but again I'm at a loss, and that question also, went unanswered.

Just cause J & I are having a lover's tiff, doesn't mean you can't change the topic.
: )
Join in the fun!
....ditto for everyone.

Jenuine said...

My mind tends to wander to strange places when I can't F#*%@'n sleep, so here's my theory:
(If in fact, it makes any sense at all.)
The guests interviewed on the show, usually have a fan base, in one way or another. Even though the guest and their accomplishments are known to their admirers, they tend to be put on pedestals. As an outsider, the fan can never really know who their icon truly is. (Ergo: the unknown god)
The diving symbol could represent the unique questions being asked, and finding out something about them, that we as viewers, did not already know. (IE: "diving" into the unknown)
Yeah....I know...time for some zzz's.
: )

Anonymous said...

00:00:17:23 looks more like television time code (meaning 17 seconds and 23 frames... TC runs hours:minutes:seconds:frames) than anything to do with a bible verse. I'd actually be incredibly shocked (and somewhat appalled) if they were hiding bible verses on the set.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

ok, i really wish there was an edit feature on comments. :)


oh, don't worry, i'm not afraid to join in. i think janna, steph and barbara can tell you about that. :)

it was more about the fact that the fact that i wanted to expand on my comment and give it more room to breathe. something that didn't really belong as a comment on blog, it needs it's own post.

Jenuine said...

Anon 9:04,
Didn't know about the TC, and I'm in agreement with your opinion about the verses thing, but there's got to be *something* behind the #'s. It's too purposefully placed on the set AND it was on last season's as well... but I'm not sure about the previous two.

I pretty much knew you weren't hesitant to speak up, gauging on some past comments.
; )

Barbara said...

Valia asked George about that number and he said it had no meaning. It was not there on purpose... end of story.

Jenuine said...

Where's the fun in "end of story"?
; P

Anonymous said...

I figured it had little meaning, I just always took it as an added element to the set. Maybe I look at timecode so much (I work in television) that I never thought to question it until it was brought up here.

Thanks for clarifying. (I'm anon 9:04)

Janna said...


C'mon now love let's go ell us how you really feel!!!

Erin and Anon's:
I am really observant and now I am going to have to research the numbers. I would also agree it is time codes on the videos.

The thingys that the guests look at... I will see if I can see that.

Jenuine said...

Anyone know why Thursday's show was a repeat? Or was that just in B.C?

Erin said...

Thanks for the clarification on the numbers...although ít's very disappointing to learn they are meaningless...I thought maybe it was a secret code or the artist's signature.

Jenuine, I appreciate your creativity though!

Barbara said...

In Toronto,Thursdays show was not on due to a hockey game...So I guess others had to watch repeats because of that...

Mich said...

Yes, it was preempted by hockey here in Toronto on Thursday... I was rather frustrated by that (got home late from a shoot, just wanted to veg on the couch and unwind... bah humbug hockey).

If I remember correctly, someone at CBC told me that they will not air a national show if it can't be seen in all markets. They'd rather have a stale show go to air in it's place, rather than have something new, because it would generate a lot of complaints if some markets got a new show and others got a stale show.

(and I thought I'd add a name since anonymous is so anonymous... I'm anon 9:04 and 1:02, relatively new here but I've lurked for a little bit) ;)

Jenuine said...

Thanks Erin!
: )
Being a theory freak, I enjoy participating and hearing others' thoughts on whys & hows.

Welcome Mich!
Glad to see you've come out beyond the shadows of anonymity. It's always good to have a name to relate to a p.o.v.
Looking forward to hearing future comments.
: )

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