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Saturday, June 23, 2007

What's coming up??

I have been trying to sort out what's coming up this week...

This I know.

Sunday the Strombo show will be live!!

They will be interviewing ?uestlove the drummer from The Roots

This will be the last show before George goes on vacation.

It's not to say they won't do shows without Strombo there... they could... they have... I hope they will.

This week on The Hour all I know is on Tuesday they will explore how Toronto sucks and everybody hates it, with Albert Nerenberg. Also on Tuesday Virgins, Body Farms, and Chris Coppola plus Branson?? Seems like a lot for Tuesday and nothing on Wednesday? I am not sure that's right... aah just watch what's on... then you'll know.
Thursday they will air the interview with Alexandre Trudeau about his experiences in Iraq.

I know I am forgetting something about what is coming up this week.... besides the best of shows mixed in with interviews you have not seen yet... disinformation is back...

There will be updates...just not very accurate ones.

looking back this was a great closer from last season


Hawa said...

I'm super excited for the interview with Albert, since i really would love to here what he has to say about Toronto...cuz it actually is the best city in Canada.

yes! finally a strombo show that is will be my last strombo show before i leave the country, so hopefully it will be a good one!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with the comment that Gene Simmons made about women not carrying a strong feeling with them throughout adult life about a band or songs that meant a lot to them from the time they were teenagers the way were boys or men do ! Women can identify deeply with songs/melodies and are not necessarily flippant !! It is not all black and white !

Miss A said...

I absolutely loved the piece on Don Crowdis last evening. He is truly a gem!

Barbara said...

I was in the audience for that interview with Gene... I don't think it's possible to generalize like that but Gene Simmons world is a simpler one...
It was an interesting interview to watch.

Anonymous said...

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