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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The end of an era...

Sadly The Strombo Forum is no more. The site was taken down over the weekend by it's creator. It was started last fall as a temporary place for fans to meet and discuss until other sites became more developed. Personally I'm sad to see it go. I loved the different topic boards and discussions and very much enjoyed the gabbly chat since it was an instantaneous connection with others. Maybe I'm just sentimental since that's where I got to really get to know many of the people I know call friends. But as they say all good things must come to an end.


Allan said...

It was a very good looking site.
Too bad you can't go back and see what I mean.
KARMA was an intense host and moderator, often up in the wee hours. Too intense for me, but I tried to contribute and have some fun. For a while anyway.
But then it just became too many places to go and "talk", and you obviously had to be part of the club or your opinion was soon being torched by a pretty mean streak running up the spines of a couple of members.
And you had to sign in and navigate dozens of menus to find where the best stuff was. Unlike here, where the door is always open, and comments are easily read, and the main posts serve a newsy purpose.
But it was a very cool forum for someone to establish.
Next time, perhaps a kinder, gentler and more hospitable and open platform might be the kind that attracts readers, and blows away that "official" Hour's blog.

Miss A said...


This portion of your comment made me laugh: "a pretty mean streak running up the spines of a couple of members". And did YOU use the words "kinder" and "gentler"? Further irony brought to us by Allan.

Allan said...

that one went over my head

but I'm no intellectual anyhoo

how long was that forum in operation?
since last november?

but more importantly, why didn't Karma step forward and explain why she took it down

was that necessary?

your post is incomplete without this explanation

Lauren said...

Irony. Just trust us.

The Strombo Forum was a fun idea, but it had been quiet and underused for some time. Karma took it down, and with her life gearing up for so many things, she wasn't going to have the time to put into it.

Evolution shows that creatures adapt. Some changes are successful and thrive, others are not and fade away.

Barbara said...

I thank Karma very sincerly for hosting the strombo forum. You did a great job with it. Well done and well hosted. Spring turns to summer and peoples focus changes. We had great times on that forum sharing opinions and links and ideas and art. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of eras: interesting insight in 'Frank' vol 2,issue #41 July 4 07 re: K. LAYfield and Strombo...

"say no more, say no more" !