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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Nile and company at The Rivoli

Last night I went to The Rivoli for an awesome evening of comedy. It was all new material night and there were a couple of familiar faces, some people I kind of vaguely thought I recognized and some I'd never heard of. Ron James stopped in for a few minutes which was cool. I was partial to (and I hope this is the right guy) Nathan MacIntosh - he was funny but he also had on a wicked pair of orange and black Nikes. Later on they had six or seven new comics who achieved various levels of success. A couple of them were really good and I'm sure they'll be around for a while.

The real reason we were there though was to see Nile.

Judging by the reaction of the audience I'm just guessing but I think a good portion of them were there for the same reason. He was great! If you go to his myspace page you can see a list of where he's going to be performing. I would highly recommend taking the chance to see him if you can. He's good on The Hour but he's even better live. And I still think they need to give him his own day of the week to do The List.


Brooksie said...

I am going to see Nile's show at the Montreal Fringe. Should I see a late night show or an earlier one? Hmmmmm

Angie - I agree with you - Nile should have his own regular top 5 spot each week.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the George interview!?! It's been taken down from here and the Hour blog site. :o( Couldn't play it before so I borrowed someone else's computer. Any chance it'll be put back up?

Barbara said...

There were issues with the sound so we took it off to fix it, it should be back up tonight.
The blogger formerly known as 'Allan' stole a copy and stabbed us in the back with it so we removed his favourite part...
That's all I am saying.

Barbara said...

Nile is so funny. You have to see this man live. I have seen him on stage 4 times now and he always has great new material!
check out his mtspace page... watch his schedule... If he is in your town by all means try to see him.
Just don't stalk him...he knows karate and had ninja like, lighting reflexes... or so I have heard...

Barbara said...

and look Nile won the Stanley Cup!

Brooksie said...

So I saw Nile's one man show this week at the Montreal Fringe. Excellent. Many laugh out loud moments and funny observations made about historical truths.

My husband had us sit in the front row. He likes being close to the action. I always feel a little shy about such things. I am not much of gregarious laugher when out in public (though the naked scene in Borat had me in tears - maybe I am more of a physical comedy - sight gag kind of person) so for the comic's sake I think it is best I sit further back. I worry that my reserved nature made it seem that I did not enjoy myself because I truly did.

Nile for a weekly top 5 spot on The Hour!