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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wednesday is the last audience taping

The Hour will be on all summer and there will be about a month more of shows you have not seen yet and best of shows but this is the last week of taping in front of a studio audience.

On Monday

Nickleback will soon be starting a Canadian tour.
Christopher Hitchens Author of God is Not Great.

and on Tuesday

Rufus Wainright critically acclaimed musicians in Canada talks about his life.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is going green...

Then on Wednesday

Does Stephen King scare you?

The New Ambassador to Unicef Mia Farrow talks about The crisis in Darfur

Getty Lee from Rush will be on.
John Kerry Talks about a book he co wrote 'This Moment on Earth: Today's New Environmentalists and Their Vision for the Future'.


Allan said...

This preview bit brings ups something that irritates me about George's version of "the truth".
If I want to see Christopher Hitchens in person, how can I know that he will be there for real if I turn up tonight?

When George says that so-and-so "will be here in the studio", so what.
Is that interview on tape from a month ago?
I don't respect that kind of misleading information.
It means I have to guess at what he actually means, and that's not what anyone should be doing with a news show.
More BS from Mr. Showbiz pretending he can be relied for the straight goods.

CARA said...

Hi there Stroumboulopoulis,

I'm a visitor new to this blog and tried to access the link to the "Strombo forum", but I do not think that it is working properly. It takes you to the website of The Hour. That can't be right. What is the link for the Forum?

Thank you,

Cara Y.

Angie said...

Cara.. the link is

Have fun.. it's a great place!

CARA said...

Angie. I ttried that link. It doesn't work. Maybe its off the air? Thank you, Cara

Angie said...

I'll check it out and get back to you Cara.

Angie said...

Cara unfortunately The Forum has been taken down. Thanks for bringing it to our attention so we can remove the link.

(if you really like the Forum and you want it to come back let me know and I'll pass word along..)

Anonymous said...

I have a comment to share relating to whether or not a guest is appearing live from an incident prior to a show when George joined up with us on the way to the elevator and when I mentioned the scheduled guest he said immediately that the interview would not be live and that it was taped.


Anonymous said...

If you check the site, under tickets it states that the chris hitchens/nickelback interview was taped on friday. hope that helps.

Allan said...

Well ladies, it's Monday night.
The weather has been beautiful in Toronto the last few days.
Luminato just finished, and it was incredible.
Balmy weather.
Great to be alive.

So just for you, Barbara, Stephanie, lauren, brooksie, miss a, and anyone else I've left out ...

as Ouimet says ...


(if you're new to this, paste these 2 segments together as one continuos sentence, and paste into the address field at the top of your web page OR type it out as one line)



Anonymous said...

Continuity was the name of the game for tonight's show.


Allan said...

you must be referring to his wardrobe
and those edits

I liked it when he told the studio audience that Hitchens and Nickleback are on the show tonight.

"those bands will be on a bit later ..."

Anonymous said...

I heard (to Nickleback) "Because it is Monday night you were, on the weekend, inducted into the Walk of Fame."


Barbara said...

I know most of the feature interviews this week have already been taped. Expect a few continuity glitchs all week.
It will still be fun at tomorrows taping because we get more George time when there are pretaped segments...

Brooksie said...

About pretaped interviews - you can get a sense of them from the Hour's taping schedule posted here.

Friday, June 8th - NickelBack and Chris Hitchens - 5:00 - 6:30

The season is over, but there ya go.

Allan said...

No one could bring themselves to acknowledge my photos.
Makes it a tiny bit less worth trying.

but maybe you're all just jealous that George and I are such good buddies

Lauren said...

Your photos? They look like total stalker photos.

It's very obsessive compulsive...

Your buddy would pose for a pic, and if you two were buddies, you would never treat him and his show the way you do.

Buddies respect one another. You love George but do not respect him.

It's like a one sided abusive relationship. You beat up George all the time, then suddenly say he's great, as if to make it all better, then beat him down again.

There are ways to work through the issues and the feelings you are experiencing. Sit with someone, talk about this, it's not healthy. All this love and hate, it is going to tear you apart.

For all the debate, the conflict, I don't think anyone wants that to happen to you. Just, please, take some time to reflect, talk to someone about it all, let someone not involved in this read your posts and help you deal with it.

Anonymous said...

i agree with lauren. i dont understand your hatred of the show and george and then your need to watch every show, attend tapings, take frightening photos, comment on the blogs, on his site, on other sites...i hate lots of tv shows, artists, celebrities. but because i don't like them, i don't watch them. that's the end of the story for me.

Allan said...

Would either of you be able to help me get a locket of his hair?

Do you know if the CBC is planning an action figure of him like the Sunrise Records store has of Fall Out Boy?

My therapist, Lucy, charges 5 cents a session, and you think it's not working?

But all seriousness aside, what role did Christopher Hitchens play in relation to Mother Teresa?
Hint: they weren't dating.

(hmmm ... leaves his kitchen window open at night ... where can I get a raccoon costume?)

Did you see my picture of his awesome foot?
Actually, my friend took the photos, and you probably recognized me in the background of the last two with George. I'm wearing a baseball cap.

You know, lauren, we shouldn't be fighting over George.
We should be dating!
And spending these warm summer nights making collages of The One from our immense collection.

And which school is it again where you teach journalism?
Columbia or Hamburger U?

Would anyone like to work on mittens to go with the sweater and scarf I've knitted for him?

I will admit it's bit weird putting on lipstick every time I want to seal a letter to him. But how else will he know my true feelings?

(I could go for a while with this bit. Any you'd care to add?)

Anonymous said...

allan.. I'm not sure if you were going for sad, pathetic, creepy or down right scary but you've accomplished all of those and then some.. congratulations

Anonymous said...

Hi, as you may already found I am fresh here.
In first steps it is very nice if someone supports you, so hope to meet friendly and helpful people here. Let me know if I can help you.
Thanks and good luck everyone! ;)