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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What @strombo can do with one tweet

While I was listening to The Strombo Show on Sunday night, I was reading my twitter feed and a trend started forming from a number of Canadian comedians I follow. They were tweeting a plea to go help a well known fellow comedian that you may be familiar with, Mike MacDonald. They posted a website to click on and learn more about supporting Mike and his family in their time of need. I checked it out, and read Mike's plight in his own words.  The total amount of donations was about $3,000 at that point and I felt that this was worthy of getting the word spread and helping out.

I knew that George Stroumboulopoulos checks his Twitter feed most of the time his radio show is playing. He sometimes responds to people tweeting about the show. I had hoped he saw any number of these tweets asking for help for Mike but I tweeted Strombo about it just in case. About 7 minutes later George posted this:

Hi... Please check this out. Let's show our collective strength for a Canadian comedy legend, Mike Macdonald....
Please click the link and scroll down to read the situation in Mike's own words...

I marked George's tweet to check back on it later. The next morning I looked again at the tweet George posted and it had been re-tweeted over 50 times by other people. I looked at Mike MacDonald's link again and found that the total amount donated had more than doubled overnight. It's heartening how everyone has come together to stand up for one of Canada's favorite stand -up comic. 

Thanks for your contribution George. You do more than you know!

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