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Monday, May 28, 2012

Strombo for the week of May 28 - June 1

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week.
It's the last full week of TV tapings for the season. Final taping in on Monday June 4th.
Listen to The Strombo Show  May 27? No more likely June 3 for the winners of our Trivia Contest! We will announce the answers as we promised on the blog Monday May 28 regardless of schedule change. 

Monday May 28
Filmmakers Adrian Grenier and
 Tiffany Sudela-Junker
Journalist and author Misha Glenny

Tuesday May 29
Politician and twitter king, The Honourable  Tony Clement
British actress Juno Temple

Wednesday May 30
The Nature of David Suzuki

Thursday May 31
Actor and supporter of The Tema Conter Memorial Trust  Canada's own 
Enrico Colantoni

Singer Carole Pope

Friday June 1
Best of the week

Performance by 
Mother Mother


Unknown said...

Sorry to repeat myself, but I was wondering if this will be the final week of all new interviews or if like last year, there will be 1 or 2 weeks more of pretaped interviews and shows during the first half of June. I've noticed in the ticket section of the CBC website that next week they will be filming interviews with Vincent Lam and Andrew Coyne but they are not on next week. I thought that they were by process of elimination but they weren't and interviews that I had no idea they filmed were on. (I think they are also still burning off TIFF interviews) What is the schedule for new interviews and when do the actual repeats start?

BTW, Have the Subbans been dropped from Wednesday's shows? Some places, I see their names attached with David Suzuki's, but a couple of places, they're not there. I'm just curious.


MissM said...

Love the new header. George looks so different, now. :)

Barbara said...

There are a number of interviews not yet aired that they will use in June after the last taping Monday June 4th. I don't know yet if the Subbans will be broadcast the same day they tape or not yet. George has taped links to a number of extended interview shows airing in June. So it looks like a mix of some repeats (extended)and some new pre-taped interviews. That's as far as I can answer that question for now.

Barbara said...

Thank you Miss M. I give the credit to the photographic talents of Tim McCready (Audience Coordinator of GST)
It really needed an update.