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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Strombo Tonight is moving to 7 pm!

The CBC Fall Launch event is announcing all the changes that will be see this fall at the CBC. George Stroumboulopoulos just announced that George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight will air at 7pm a 30 minute show in early Prime Time, then air again later that night at 11:30 for those who enjoy their boyfriend later. Premiere is September 17 2012. I am also told GST will be live streaming their tapings simultaneously online. I don't have a lot more on this story. Look for developments here.


Barbara said...

Let us know what you think about this.

Unknown said...

Honestly, this new CBC schedule is a tad confusing.Without an actual grid with the Fall schedule, it's hard figuring out what's on when and for how long. So the news will be on at 6:00, (in Montreal, I guess it will still be an hour and half long) Then George at 7:00 and Corrie at 7:30? Am I right?

I do love George but I really am a bit fed up with having all these major changes every year in the structure of the show. For example since it's become GST, Last year, they cut it to a half-hour program and then by the end of that season, he was really wanting to have an hour long show again which this year was and then suddenly now he's going back to one hour? I'm sure there will be major structural changes ahead. I love the show and don't mind the earlier timeslot but I just wish that George would find a format that he likes and stick with it.

Unknown said...
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Barbara said...

You have the schedule right. You can also watch the local news at 11pm and George again at 11:30pm.

Makes me sad it's going back to half an hour. We'll have to trust his team to make the best of the changes. It's more the budget cuts deciding things rather than George in this case.