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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Did I talk about the prizes yet?

It's our blog's 6th birthday but you get the gifts!
There is still time to enter the How Well Do You Know Strombo Trivia Contest. See previous post
We don't want you to do all that hard work researching the answers to the trivia questions without great reward! Enter the contest by following the instructions but include a song request that, if he likes it, will be played by George on the Strombo Show May 27 when he announces the two prize winners.
Here are some photos of the prizes.
Both first and second prize winners get a GST bag and included in that bag there is a GST mug (comes in a box wrapped in stress relieving bubble wrap)

That's pretty cool, but that's not all!
You will also find a GST notebook autographed by George!

The First prize winner gets an additional item...
 A Strombo (fighting moose logo) CBC t-shirt (size large). 

Monday May 28 the winners will get a confirmation email. Allow a few weeks for delivery of your prize. 

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