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Sunday, May 06, 2012

May 7 -11 Strombo this week

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week

Monday May 7
The Hulk! Actor  Mark Ruffalo

Healthiest Man alive Author A.J. Jacobs returns to the show

Tuesday May 8
Actress Kathleen Turner

Guitarist Buddy Guy

Wednesday May 9
Canadian Director Yung Chang
Also on the show
International children's right activists Craig and Marc Kielburger

Thursday May 10
Country music legend Charley Pride

Canadian actor Kevin Duran

Friday May 11
Best of the week
Musical performance by
Edmonton's Poet Laureate and Canadian hip hop genius Cadence Weapon

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Unknown said...

I am enjoying this series. There have been great guests and I enjoy the extras. I am getting a kick out of the "Something that you might not know about Canada" segments. (I wonder if that will return next year) I also try to see which of the 8 guests from Monday to Thursday will be part of Friday's show. Alot of the times I'm right, but there are times when an interview I think will be in the "Best Of" isn't.

I wonder how much longer the show is this season. How many more weeks are left? Is it going to be like last year with onlya few more weeks of taping weeks left and a couple of weeks of pretaped interviews after that? (I also hope that there will be "Something you might not know..." for those latter ones.

Barbara said...

The show has scheduled tapings up until the end of this month.
I try to guess what will be on the Best of and sometimes it's a surprise as well.
I will be a taping this week and will ask about the Something You May Not Know feature.

Thanks for commenting. :-) please enter the trivia contest you may win good swag.

Barbara said...

I asked George if Something You Might Not Know About Canada will be a feature in the fall and he said they had not decided yet. As you probably heard the show will be half an hour again. The feature got good feedback so it may yet live but maybe as an occasional thing... it's up in the air.