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Friday, June 17, 2011

The UN World Food Programme's website has a new look

A fight against hunger

As you know, George Stroumboulopoulos is an ambassador for the WFP.  He didn't enter into this without careful consideration and research about this UN organization. More info 

What was the GS Tonight show's involvement?
The show featured, a cool WFP online educational game that anyone can play as they earn 10 grains of rice for each correct answer. The rice gets donated to hungry people in need. This support was offered to the WFP before George Stroumboulopoulos was approached to be an ambassador. It took him about a year to decide and he officially accepted after the show's team filmed a special about Pakistan's needs after the flood and regional conflicts took their toll, and he examined what the WFP is doing there.

George often talks with guests like Stephen Lewis about the politics, nutrition and innovations and consequences around food, disease and hunger. He asked Stephen Lewis' advice before taking the post.

The World Food Programme under the UN, is involved in buying local food, fair trade, encouraging best practices for farming in each country of need and trying to respond to all the issues faced by them such as floods, disease, wars and other disasters. It's a huge mandate! If we each pitch in some effort to help, the world becomes a better place. Please take a look at the and see the new look of the website. Check out the articles and links. If you have a blog or webpage add the links freerice or weefeedback or tweet about them. Don't let them get forgotten in the back of the cupboard... 


Anonymous said...

what's George up to for the summer? Will the radio show be 'best of'?

Barbara said...

I only have information about the radio shows plans up until July 17th... George can do the show from the road as needed. They might do that for the rest of the summer.

Barbara said...

As for Georges summer plans... there is the NHL Awards June 22 in Las Vegas... then he is in LA taking it easy and working on film projects.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Barb,
is there an email address for him?