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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not to be missed Canada Day Special this Friday

The Strombo Show
Sunday June 26  
8pm 'til 11 in any Canadian time zone
Part 2 of  two weeks of celebrating The Music of the Grunge era.  It's been 20 years you know.  We have the usual suspects coming in to celebrate the Grunge scene,  CBC Radio 2 Morning Host Bob Mackowycz visits in week one to talk Grunge Godfather's and in week 2 to celebrate other music that was on the airways during the Grunge era. Plus today's feature Music from 1991 that wasn't grunge. G&R, Tribe, Deee-lite, U2 and more... Get your flannel and Doc Martens on, cause we are going Grunge! 

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Monday June 27

Angela Davis From radical rebel to university professor, Angela Davis has dedicated her life to social activism.

Tuesday June 28

This Hour has only 1 Shaun Majumder

Wednesday June 29

It was not a cat that got her tongue Shania Twain gets her voice back!

Thursday June 30

Hangover's Bradley Cooper

Friday July 1

Canada Day Special with a lot of Canadian guests with something to say featuring 

Musical performance by Sloan

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