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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Extended interviews!


JUNE 19 and 26 2011

Joe Strummer tribute wall. Photo by Phyl
For the next two weeks we are celebrating The Music of the Grunge era.  It's been 20 years you know.  We have the usual suspects coming in to celebrate the Grunge scene,  CBC Radio 2 Morning Host Bob Mackowycz visits in week one to talk Grunge Godfather's and in week 2 to celebrate other music that was on the airways during the Grunge era.  Also CBC Radio 3 host Lana Gay joins George to talk, Women in Grunge in week one and Canadian Grunge in Week 2.   Get your flannel and Doc Martens on, cause we are going Grunge

Contributed by 
Darby Wheeler

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight 

You may have seen some of these interviews already this season but these are the extended versions of those interviews. 

Monday June 20

Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony award winner Rita Moreno 

Tuesday June 21

British actor, writer, host, comedian Stephen Fry 

Wednesday June 22

Oscar nominated Actor and stage director Woody Harrelson

Thursday June 23

Actress, director Jodie Foster has a couple of Oscars for acting but working on one for directing perhaps...

Friday June 24

Television and stage entertainer Donny Osmond takes Donny & Marie on the road. 

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