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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just warming up June 12-17

Sunday June 12
The Strombo Show
CBC Radio 2 on air or online from 8-11every Sunday night.
Hair we go! CBC Radio 2 Morning Host Bob Mackowycz will be coming in to talk about his love of all things hair metal (actually George's love of hair metal). Our node to the Gods feature a 60's band who went weird in the 80's.  Our favourite Scot, Calum Shanlin drops in and play some music of New Zealand and talk about their loss of an icon this week. And as always the Magnificent 7 countdown is a diverse as ever with the best new music of the week.

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Contributed by
Darby Wheeler

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week
This week some of the most interesting people you may not have heard of, and some you would love to hear from again. 

Monday June 13

Bollywood superstar Anil Kapoor
The International Indian Film Academy Awards is being held in Toronto on June 25th. What is your favourite Indian Movie? 

Andrew Westoll is a Primatologist (chimpanzee expert) and the Author of The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary

Tuesday June 14

Siddhartha Mukherjee is a leading cancer researcher and physician. Author of The Emperor of all Maladies: A Biography of Cancer.

Comedy writer and hip hop artist Donald Glover

Wednesday June 15

Johan Olav Koss is a 4 time Olympic gold medalist and works for Right To Play

Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris who's films include The Fog Of War and The Thin Blue Line 

Thursday June 16

Author James Frey was once on Oprah's good list then her bad list now back on her good list but who cares about that? 

Kelly Cutrone is a reality TV star and the author of Normal Gets You Nowhere

Friday June 17

The beloved drummer of Rush Neil Peart

and a performance by 
P.S. I Love You


Sam said...

I'm enjoying these shows and these interviews are cool. It's kind of weird. It looks as if George tapes a whole lot of extra episodes. I know he taped a bunch at TIFF that probably have not aired but I wonder if there are more that he taped throughout the past few months. Are these the only 2 weeks when these extra interviews air, as the next 2 weeks are repeated episodes or will there be more weeks in the summer where we will see more all-new interviews.

One more question that I've always had. Usually George has one new interview per show during the actual series. They usually keep the guest on until the end of the show and then George says "That's time" and closes the show with he guest still there. Now for these episodes, where they have two interviews on each show. After one guest is on, He just thanks them and says,"We'll be back" and then comes back with Guest 2. This first interview could have been taped a few months ago for a regular interview. Does George film 2 endings when closing every interview. One where he says "That's time" and one where he says "Thanks for coming" as he might not know if that interview will have its own episode during the series or be a double interview duringa "best of" wek or a week like this week?

Barbara said...

Yes Sam you got it there are two endings. Sometimes it's because the first airing is before an event the guest is promoting so that event gets a mention then they tape a version without that mention for the re-aired interview. Sometimes George has another question for the guest after the interview is over and they tape for the second ending but include the new question. I think the fresh interviews you are referring to will all be aired by July but they are planning special weeks of extended interview shows and weeks with themes to be played over the summer.