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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Welcome to August!

Sunday August 1st  
The Strombo Show on CBC radio 2 
8 pm to Midnight
The Hour
Behind the scenes, the show currently known as The Hour, is being revamped and ramped up to be ready for season seven in September.
Both the radio show and the TV show will have changes.
We don't know what those changes will be exactly. More website content was talked about at the expense of  less On Air content. 
If true, that is not fair for people that don't have or use the internet. Bonus for the people that can't schedule watching The Hour when it is being broadcast on TV.  They can watch all they want of it and more when they have the time. 
From what I understand, the numbers of viewers  that check out the show's website,  http://www.cbc.c a/thehour/  and online content, inspire the innovative direction the show may be taking. 
We'll  find out those new changes soon enough.

Monday, August 2: 
Veteran Actor

Sexy Actor

Tuesday, August 3:

Wednesday, August 4:

Jay Baruchel and Jacob Tierney,During this visit on the set of this show, Baruchel and Tierney talks about growing up in Montreal, being an Anglophone in Quebec, their latest film The Trotsky and the upcoming Canadian film Good Neighbours.

Musician  Rufus Wainwright 

Thursday, August 5:

Peter Nowak,  author of Sex Bombs and Burgers

Director  George Romero 

The Novaks

Friday, August 6:
Anne Murray, 

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