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Friday, August 06, 2010

Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?

As usual, the week kicks off with The Strombo Show on CBC Radio2 starting at 8pm EST.
Coming up this week on The Hour...the re-runs continue:

Monday, August 9th

Jason Reitman Pictures, Images and Photos

Filmmaker Jason Reitman.

Isabella Rossellini Pictures, Images and Photos

Actress Isabella Rossellini.

Perry Farrell Pictures, Images and Photos

From the alternative band Jane's Addiction, Perry Farrell.

Tuesday, August 10

joey mcintyre Pictures, Images and Photos

NKOTB Joey McIntyre.

Melissa Gilbert Pictures, Images and Photos

Actress Melissa Gilbert.

as well Louis Ferreira.

Wednesday, August 11

Enrico-Colantoni-779037.jpg Pictures, Images and Photos

One of the stars of the most excellent CTV drama Flashpoint, actor Enrico Colantoni.

Actor Jamie Farr.

slash Pictures, Images and Photos

Guitarist and hat enthusiast Slash.

Thursday, August 11

Stephen King Pictures, Images and Photos

He makes you afraid of the dark (among other things), author Stephen King.

Shawn Ashmore Pictures, Images and Photos

X-Men man Shawn Ashmore. well as actress Anika Noni Rose.

Friday, August 13

Catherine O’Hara Pictures, Images and Photos

Canadian actress Catherine O'Hara.

Drew Barrymore Pictures, Images and Photos

American actress and film producer Drew Barrymore. well as novelist and essayist Nick Hornby.


trudy said...

I wonder what the changes to the show will be.
They HAVE to keep the chairs.

A good change, if workable, would be George doing the Hour on the road - maybe a couple of different Canadian cities a year?

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor The CBC cut back The Hour to half an hour and fired the whole staff except George of course!

Anonymous said...

Any news about George?
Happy Birthday !!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for George and feel I would be remiss if I did not mention this. This Jazzdolphin character has completely pushed herself on to George's show and it has gotten to far. I left the following comment on her blog but of course I doubt that lunatic nutcase will print it.

I just wanted to ask you how do you think George feels about you setting up a chat and twitter account and email all about his show ? Then you type you need a cold shower and are so turned on, that is disgustng and uncalled for. On top of that, has george ever written you back or told you "thank you" ? I bet not, because it is HIS show and he doesn't want you pushing yourself on to it like you do. I counted and you Tweeted to George 10 times from your account (@jazzdolphin) during the show, don't you feel that is a little excessive ? Not to mention you then log in to your @stromboshowchat and then tweet him more ! He doesn't care about you (doesn't find you attractive) nor does he want to be with you nor does this pathetic little blog impress him.