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Monday, August 16, 2010

So Hip even Gordon Downie sings it!

And I don't mean George's 'Sleeping Sickness'.......But I'm pretty sure he's kissed a girl.

Happy Birthday George!!!
From The Stroumboulopouli.

And now onto something really old (re-runs...bah!):
This Week on The Hour:
Mon, Aug 16

Singer Meatloaf, actresses Caroline Rhea & Michelle Forbes

Tues, Aug 17

Singer Michael Buble, actress Patricia Clarkson & actor Clive Owen

Wed, Aug 18

Actress Andrea Martin, actors Viggo Mortensen & Michael Douglas

Thur, Aug 19

Authors Richard Dawkins, Chris Hedges and William P. Young

Fri, Aug 20

Bruce Greenwood, comedian Danny Bhoy
& hip-hop group Cypress Hill


Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by Renee. Pot calling the kettle black, wouldn't ya say? Anytime Renee sees someone has doen the @strombo thing mentioning that someone has seen him out & about, Renee tweets back asking that person "who was he with?"

Anonymous said...

When people lose the only outlet (that isn't even legitmate or interesting)they have for their OWN rantings, funny how they target others. I wouldn't spend time organizing chats or any of the rest of it, but to each their own. Get help. You need it.

Allan said...

Renee is one of the most interesting spirits I've encountered in a long time.
An original. Unique.
And she's very funny.

So Barbara, has The Hour been canceled?

Barbara said...

You know it has not been Allan. Has your tea blog been canceled?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Twitterer known as Jazz Dolphin writes on this blog. There are five people and none of them are referred to as Jazz Dolphin, at least not that I know.

Allan said...

Yes it looks like Ouimet did indeed cancel Tea Makers.
A huge loss for Strombo followers.

But unless The Hour comes back as it was when it left - a one hour show at 11:05 weeknights entitled The Hour - then isn't the show effectively canceled, Barb?
I mean, the CBC can keep George but not the show, but unless it's The Hour then that show is history.

Allan said...

Barb, did you hear anyone say or announce that The Hour will be back in September?
George seemed very quiet during the Fall Launch. Very secretive.
So the show is canceled or not?
Hope you get the scoop on the Strombo poop.

Anonymous said...

The CBC site lists many job openings for The Hour. If cancelled, would they a) be looking for people b) calling the program The Hour and c) have even have had Strombo at the launch

I think PG is missing the gist of the issue. If PG has the freedom to tweet stuff then so does the Jazz person. Why is one wrong and the other not? People can tweet whatever.

Barbara said...

If G had a problem with it he would say something. So don't worry about him, he takes care of himself just fine.

Anonymous said...

Stalk others PG and ye too shall be stalked. Get over it.

Barbara said...

Not relevant. Not interesting. Not pleasant for readers to read your personal bickering. Please keep it off this blog. Don't make me delete comments.

Barbara said...

High school is over.

Anonymous said...

I commented that they were both stalkers. Why was my comment deleted? Playing favourites?

Unity Integration said...

Just so you know..
I post clearly w/my name/identity included, I don't hide behind "Anonymous said..." and I have nothing to hide here, on Twitter, on the blog I do for the Strombo Show Chat, or anywhere.. (unlike others who post then delete from Twitter, etc.. & hide behind multiple Pseudonyms' like Renee/@rrsexy/Allan/etc/Anonymous - putting up multiple posts - check the IP :).

And yes, if G had a problem, he would have said something when I spoke to him at The Hour taping in Vancouver (should I mention this was where his publicist & The Hour audience coordinator both contacted me to make sure I got tix to the show..) Or his producer Darby who has emailed me directly would've said something if there was a problem any of the times we've been in contact.

So.. hope that's cleared up!

Blessed be,
QoTD: "Haters only hate the things that they can't get and the people they can't be."

KE said...

just ignore poongirl-Renee-@rrsexy: she is a fruitloop and a half. she only makes herself look like a spiteful witch when she posts smack about others.

Anonymous said...

I believe Barbara has made the statement 'High School is Over'. That should apply on all counts/ sides and all the rest. If this is the biggest issue or topic of discussion in anyone's lives, they need to broaden their horizons.