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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A few dates

September 9th George should be at the TIFF opening film Score: A Hockey Musical This is just one of the TIFF films George appears in.  I can't keep track of them all... If you plan to attend TIFF just don't be surprised if you spot Strombo on the screen of that Chinese historical drama you managed to win or buy tickets for.
TIFF runs from September 9th to the 19th.   You can follow TIFF on twitter

The Live Your Legacy fund-raising gala
It's the 20th anniversary of the David Suzuki Foundation and they are celebrating and fund raising on September 10th at the Four Season in Toronto.
George Stroumboulopoulos and comedian Russel Peters are co-hosting this event. Special guests include Stephen Lewis, Ed Begley Jr, Andrew Ference, Adam Van Koeverdon and Gordon Lightfoot
This will not be televised.
For more information and tickets click this.  

Another important date with George in September is the 20th. It's the date he named to start the season of the yet to be renamed The Hour. 

George was talking about it on Q today. He mentioned the show will be taping TIFF related interviews and then the show begins broadcasting September 20th in it's new 'length' with the same core values. There will be the interview and the look at the news and some great changes. New set, some new staff, we will see new faces.

George Stroumboulopoulos can be followed on Twitter here and he has a  new consolidated Facebook page he would like you to join here 


Philip said...

Thanks Barbara,

I'm eager to find out what the changes are this year. The show is being shortened? Is it going to be called the Half Hour? 1 interview per show? I don't know if I can take even more changes?

I am anxiously awaiting any further details of the revamp that you can find out and your thoughts.


Steph A. said...

Hello Philip,

Is the show going to be shortened? Who knows...maybe it will be lengthened! I guess we will have to wait and see!

I happened to catch the interview on Q yesterday. George made a comment regarding the show that they have grown it and now they are having it evolve to the next level. I thought about that and in my mind what I would like to see as a viewer (and this is solely MY opinion) is a 90-ish minute show with three interview political (Canadian), one current world 'event' feature (maybe via a contributor) and one entertainment guest...perhaps some live music. PLUS the other 'regular' features we all are familiar with. The thinking in my model is that there is a little something for everyone. But that is just me, Steph, a person who has no background whatsoever in television production. :-)

Allan said...

That interview on Q was like a torrential shower of BS.

George trying every which way to say anything except that The Hour was canceled because it sucked.

Next level? That's LOL.
Any way to skip all the levels and just do a good show, George?

Anonymous said...

I know it was cancelled and The Hour sucked.

I like "in the 7 years I've had one ......... I've gotten more calm". Hahaha One WHAT George ? One break up ? Just spit it out.

Rumour is, there's a big George party happening, you think George will pring PoonGirl as his date ?


Barbara said...

Allan I thought you commented once that you would not be commenting here again. What's going on? You miss us? Only in your mind has the show been canceled.

Phillip, I am keeping an eye out for more information about the changes. I can tell you they will be doing something interesting with the Friday show.

Allan said...

What was I thinking - thanks for reminding me, Barb!

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Allan. Take PG with you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous why don't you go away. The only entertaining part of this blog is when I post on it.


Anonymous said...

In your own mind PG.

MeatMan said...

...I like cheese. Just so you know, I'm the most interesting post on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Barb why do you get your panties in a bunch when Allan comments on here ? He has his own perspective on George which is valid just like yours.

At least Allan, myself and the guy who likes cheese brings a new perspective to your pro-George writings.

The show WAS cancelled. Ask yourself, would they change hte name of a sucessful show ? I don't hold it against George. But, after his q interview I don't think he is going to be much better this year with his same "core values".

George spews so much BS it's unbelievable. How much he loves the CBC and Canada and Toronto, yet during the summer he loves to "work in L.A. When the CBC first wanted him to work there he turned them down serveal times. Now he can't get enough of the public broadcaster.

Perhaps I am the biggest BSer of them all, because when all is said and done, I still want George's penis inside of me.


Anonymous said...

To the posters who apparently have a hate on for The Hour and or/George but yet somehow take time to consume all the information around about him, it may be a trite expression but 'Get a Life'. If you have a modicum of class don't make yourselves seem more cheap or less relevant than you have been in the past. Hard to believe that would be possible of course. Therapy. Look into it.

Anonymous said...

Barb blocked me on Twitter. She is mean.

Anonymous said...

Was it because you were insulting her? The answer is yes.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I was not !

Barbara said...

LOL the 'cheese guy' is a friend of mine. He's just kidding.

What I said to Allan was valid.

On twitter I auto block all sex workers... you must have been mistaken for one.

Anonymous said...

No such thing as Auto block Barb, and trust me, I'm not trying to have sex with you.

Anonymous said...

with George?

KE said...

I'm sure Barb is relieved by this revelation Renee. As are we all.

Now here is some food for thought for you - in no particular order:

-think before you type
-realize that most view you as a pestulant child with nothing better to do with her time than spout off and act like a bully.
-consider this as a new mantra for yourself "if I have nothing nice to say, I should say nothing".

Anonymous said...

Look what Barb just said to me - "On twitter I auto block all sex workers... you must have been mistaken for one."

Sex workers on Twitter ?!? What ? Obviously she is calling me a whore. That is VERY mean, just because I like men and woman or beause I am sexual I am a whore ? Why doesn't KE give the advice he game me to Barb ?