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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Please... No more Nickelback!!!!

As summer comes to a close, the team at The Hour is hard at work planning the new season. As ever, there are changes in the offing and when we get any new info, we promise to post it here.

So what I'll miss most about summer are the BBQ's, lazy roadtrips, music festivals and Fridays in 'conference' on the patio... What I will not miss? Looking at your toe-jammy feet on your dash while I'm trying to drive, mosquitoes and inappropriate fashions - t-shirts with beaded fringe anyone?

Sunday, Sunday... Strombo Show Day. If you're at home or on the road, why not check out CBC Radio 2 at 8pm for the latest edition of the Strombo Show? Good tunes. Good times.

Meanwhile, The Hour continues repeat-a-palooza. For your viewing pleasure an assortment of encore performances...

Monday August 23rd

Peter Sarsgaard

Edgy actor Peter Sarsgaard is a critical and commercial success... of note are his roles in Kinsey, An Education and in production now? Green Lantern. I feel badly for his child with wife Maggie Gyllenhaal as their child will endeavour to learn to spell their last name, particularly if there's hyphenation. How many a's? Damn.
Juliette Lewis
Speaking of edgy, may we present Ms. Juliette Lewis. She sprang to stardom with her roles in Cape Fear and Kalifornia. Now she`s living life on the road performing music, and doing a hell of a job. Caught her show and high energy doesn`t even come close...
Michael Moore

King of the Documentaries, Michael Moore incites, entertains and enlightens. Sometimes all at once... his latest, Capitalism : A Love Story, didn`t perform as well as many of his others, but he`s still relevant after many years...
Tuesday, August 24th
Morgan Freeman

Oscar worthy performances and prolific numbers of quality projects like Prom Night in Mississippi have made Morgan Freeman a staple of American cinema. To me though and most of the 30 and 40 somethings, he`ll always be Easy Reader from the Electric Company!

David Cross

Seriously. If Mr. Show and Arrested Development were the only work David Cross had done, that would be enough. Fans eagerly await the long promised Arrested Development movie. In his spare time, according to the above picture, David also enjoys a good Asian noodle soup, but then again, who the hell doesn`t...
John Irving

From the World According to Garp, The Hotel New Hampshire and many more novels - the aforementioned being turned into popular films to his latest, Last Night in Twisted River, Irving remains popular with fans of many generations. Also, it takes a pro to rock a lady scarf like this... respect. ;)
Wednesday, August 25th

Hulk Hogan

Character or Caricature... you decide. It`s been a long time since Hulkamania but his impact on the `sport` of wrestling is unmatched. Featuring his mega-dysfunctional family on the train wreck TV show Hogan Knows Best seems to have been a sketchy decision as was his daughter Brooke`s music career... but I digress.

Harrison Ford
Icon. It fits Harrison Ford. Indiana Jones, Han Solo and Dr. John Kimble in the Fugitive... all great roles that made Ford a mega-star. Though he`s slowed down some, he`s taken the time to marry his longtime girlfriend, Calista Flockhart.
Terry Gilliam
The only non Brit in the Monty Python cast, American Terry Gilliam is as much known for his directing as his performing. Working with the late Heath Ledger on his last film, Gilliam held the project together with creativity and tenacity. Quite an accomplishment!

Thursday, August 26th

Vivica A. Fox
She is an actress that exudes sass and flash... and seems to defy the logic that a woman past 40 can not be considered sexy. However, recently she seems to have suffered an indignity that most girls would never accept. Her boyfriend, a club promoter named Slimm released a statement saying they were through only to retract it moments later. Nothing says long lasting love like your boyfriend retracting your breakup announcement. Pure class!

Hugh Dillon
Headstone and heartbreaker. Dillon is an unlikely but recognized sex symbol from his roles in Durham County and Flashpoint... a favourite of many friends.

Bill Maher
Opinionated, insightful and unafraid to offend, Bill Maher has an opinion on everything and he is not afraid to show it... Real Time with Bill Maher remains popular after many years on the air.

Friday, August 27th
No listing as of this writing so best advice is to tune in and take your chances kids!
So, a question for our readers. As the Season gets set to launch, who would you most like to see on The Hour. I vote Neil Young, Michelle Obama, Bono and the return of Gordon Ramsay.
On another note... a reminder that while we very much appreciate people reading and commenting, play nice. This is not a forum that is accepting of personal attacks or petty online bickering. It is meant to be a place to exchange information relevant to The Hour. Thanks everyone... and have a fantastic week.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see more musical performances on the new Season. Hope that happens!

Philip said...

Hey Guys, Does anybody know when prepping for the new season starts? Has it started already? Is George back in Ontario? I know Tiff is in September and George usually pretapes interviews at Tiff and then starts the season soon after. I was just curious to find out how many more weeks of repeats.

Trudy said...

George was on Q this morning, and he said the season start is likely
Sept 20th. It will be less than an hour (so new name).
He sounded very enthused about whatever the changes for the show are.

escalante blogger said...

Wow! she's too sexy.

Barbara said...

I wrote a post in response. We will try to get more details in the next few weeks.