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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Politicos. A Photog. Directors & a Dude in a Dress.

Are YOU ready for some FOOTBALL? NO, you say? Me either. Couldn't care less, though pretty psyched to go grab some NON sports bar dinner with friends on Superbowl Sunday. We figure any place that doesn't serve wings and doesn't have a ginormous TV will be golden!

If you're looking to multitask, maybe you'll want to stay in, listen to the radio and watch the big game at the same time? For keeners like yourself, tune into The Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2 from 8-Midnight for some great tunes. You can even pick your own time zone.

Monday, February 8th
Jamie Farr

Confession time! I have never watched M.A.S.H.! When I say I have never watched it, I'm dead serious. Not one episode. Not sure if that makes me a pop culture pariah? What I do know about it is that Jamie Farr's character, Klinger was an essential part of the formula that made that series work so incredibly well. I also do know that he is recognized for his philanthropy. I just hope he and David Frum don't wear the same outfit. That would be awkward!

David Frum

A frequent guest of The Hour, Frum is a well regarded and prolific political author with a unique view developed during his time as a bona fide Washington insider. Son of CBC legend Barbara Frum, David is never afraid to speak his mind.

Tuesday, February 9th

Lee Daniels

Could it be Oscar time for Best Director nominee Lee Daniels? Precious, his latest feature film has generated tremendous critical acclaim and garnered many accolades for Daniels and his cast. Wonder what it's like to team up with Oprah? And also --what WAS Mariah Carey drinking the night she made her loopy acceptance speech with Daniels at her side?

Louie Palu

Based in Afghanistan, Palu is a photojournalist extraordinaire. His images of war are full of honesty and impact. When you check a man's website and see that one of his home bases is self described as 'Hell' -- you know he's seen more horror than one can imagine and will have some gripping stories to tell.

Wednesday, February 10th

Anita Dunn

Anita Dunn is the ultimate political insider and served in the Obama administration as the White House Communications Director. Prior to that appointment, she was a key strategist and advisor to Obama in the years prior to his groundbreaking run for the Presidency. Her perspective on how he's faring now that the honeymoon phase is over should be interesting!

Thursday, February 11th

Wendel Clark

One of the most recognizable and beloved NHL players ever, former Toronto Maple Leafs captain Wendel Clark had a long and prolific career. Down to earth and humourous, Clark is a popular speaker at events throughout Canada. He's penned a book - "Wendel. My Life in Hockey".

Friday February 12th

Saorise Ronan - The Lovely Bones

Kevin Smith - Director, Author and one Sweaty Mofo.

Rosanne Cash - More than her Father's Daughter

If you're wondering what happens during the Olympics, The Hour will be taking a break from taping. Chill out, check out interviews you may have missed online and watch for the return of new episodes after the Games. If you want to really get into the experience, why not light something up and run around your neighbourhood? Perhaps you can wrap yourself in Saran and pretend to luge down your icy road? I won't judge.

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