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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jack Layton on The Hour

Wednesday February 10 th
NDP leader Jack Layton will be appearing on The Hour in an exclusive TV interview.

I have been in the audience a number of times that Mr. Layton made an appearance on The Hour and today I will make no exception. He is a frank and friendly politician that is always open to talking to the media. He is a very compelling guest.

Politics aside I would say the majority of the media and the public have a great respect for Jack the man. The Hour seems to be the natural place for Jack Layton to come and talk about political and more personal matters.

Jack Layton has recently announced that he has prostate cancer and will be going through treatments now.

Many Canadian families are very familiar with dealing with cancer as it has touched many of us and we are united in support for Jack in his battle with this cancer.

Our prayers and best wishes to Mr. Layton and his family in this time.

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