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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

For the Love of Bacon!

In a recent Angus Reid poll commissioned by Maple Leaf Foods, 4 out of 10 Canadians would choose BACON over SEX. Yup. Bacon over sex. And why did Maple Leaf Foods want to know this? Well, according to today's press release:
"We wanted to probe how deeply rooted Canadians' passion for bacon is - and the For the Love of Bacon survey sure opened our eyes!" explained Adam Grogan, VP Marketing, Maple LeafFoods. "Our research also told us that Canadians' number one frustration with typical bacon packaging is that it can't be reclosed (71%) and that it's too messy (52%). We know people love bacon, and now with Maple Leaf Reclosable Bacon, they'll love the package too!
Yup. They are excited about their bacon.

According to the survey:

3 out of 4 Canadians love bacon
18% of Canadian men claim they can't survive one day without bacon
4 out of 5 people who said they love bacon claim to be good lovers
4 out of 5 people who said they love bacon also claim they are romantic
Apparently 1 in 4 people from Saskatchewan and Manitoba wonder
if their partner loves bacon more than them
50% of British Columbian respondents said they would give up sex for bacon,
but only 37% of Quebecois respondents said they would

So what can we take away from this survey? Canadians love bacon. Possibly just a little too much.

For those wondering about the green factor of this new packaging... yes, it is 100% recyclable.

Is it just me, or does this sound like someone at Maple Leaf paid close attention to The Hour's "Greatest Thing Ever"?

Happy Wednesday!


P. Rocerin said...

I’ve not talked to a doctor about this yet… Ever since I was a kid I had weird tenderness and spot skin and joint sensitivity but never knew what to make of it. I’ve experienced weird hair loss and regrowth my whole life as well — so much so that every stylist who’s seen it remarks on my huge abundance of “baby hairs”.

Anonymous said...

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