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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic edition week 1

This Valentine Sunday on The Strombo Show 8 pm to midnight
Four hours of George's selections of Romantic Music plus your song requests with some input from CBC Radio 2's Rich Terfry and Bob Mackowycz jr.

Monday February 15, 2010

Patriotic love in the air...Go Canada Go!

Michael Bublé is a romantic Canadian crooner and a very proud Olympic torchbearer,
Also on this show flirty Actress Patricia Clarkson,
and sexy English Actor Clive Owen

Tuesday February 16, 2010

Catherine O'Hara Comedian and Wild Thing,
Author Nick Hornby,
Actress, Producer and Director Drew Barrymore

Wednesday February 17, 2010

Author and Director Michael Moore,
Actor Peter Sarsgaard,
Actress and musician Juliette Lewis

Thursday February 18, 2010

Author, singer and Olympic flag bearer Anne Murray,
Here is a trivia question.
How many of these Olympic Flag Bearers were guests on The Hour?

In this picture Bobby Orr, Anne Murray, Jacques Villeneuve, Barbara Ann Scott, Sen. Romeo Dallaire, Julie Payette and Donald Sutherland.
Feel free to answer in the comment section. No prizes, just bragging rights.
also on the show Musician and business man Snoop Dogg,
and Director Terry Gilliam

Friday February 19, 2010

Legendary Actress Isabella Rossellini,
Front man from Jane's Addiction Perry Farrell and
Oscar nominated Director and Olympic torchbearer Jason Reitman (left),
in this picture receiving the flame from his father Ivan Reitman (right)

also on the show Actor Bradley Cooper

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