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Thursday, September 25, 2008

<<<< REWIND <<<<

It's our take on this week's episodes of The Hour... the best (and worst) moments of the week, the jokes that made us laugh (or groan) and the guests that made us think (or want to smack the television)... all this and more! It's our look back on another week of The Hour.

Leave us a comment, we want to hear what YOU thought of this week on The Hour.
I only caught glimmers this week - but here's my take on the week that was.

A highlight for me was Spike Lee. A true visionary - creative, provocative and skilled in his filmmaking. In his role as a 'spokeperson' for Black America - he's sought out to supply context and commentary on sociopolitical issues Spike is more deliberate and thoughtful in his statements than he was in his youth. Love his take on Palin.

Pink - love her. Unscripted. Uninhibited. Wildly creative. Who else but Pink would cast her ex-husband in her latest video? Mr. President is still one of my favourite songs off her last CD - a powerful and timely message. She doesn't take shit and I respect that. Stupid Girl? Not Pink.

My spit take moment? The Cold Open where George makes his pitch to the panel on Dragon's Den to open a Meth lab. This little gem was taped last season and I was so excited to finally see it. I knew it was coming since Dragon's Den will launch next week but I was still laughing through the theme music...

I leave you with the most disgusting item of the week - to PETA for suggesting Ben and Jerry's use human breast milk for their ice cream. Two Questions - What do you fill in for 'occupation' on your tax return and what would the flavour be called? Mammary Mango? Sick. Really sick.

- Tracy


It was a interesting week this week. Thursday's show was by far the best of the week, except for the Spike Lee interview on Monday, which I'd had the pleasure of seeing taped a couple weeks ago. It was interesting to hear what he said for a second time and I would definitely like to see what he'd do with a musical script. I also thought it was a nice gesture for George to recognise one of his former teachers.

I thought Tuesday's show really tanked after the news, though the "my spidey senses are SIIIIIINGIN' " was highly amusing. The show started off great with George's comeback to Harper's comments about the arts being above the "every man" . Declan Hill made some intriguing points about "the beautiful game" but I was unimpressed with the Pink interview. I don't know anyone who takes PETA spokespeople seriously and while the content of her message may be sound (except the PETA BS) her delivery needs work (which according to the interview will never happen). Also, the Cheech and Chong "Best Story Ever" didn't make any sense (granted I've never been a fan of theirs so perhaps that's the issue), so I was really disappointed with the back half of the show.

On Wednesday, or should I say "Happy Punctuation Day", I was happy to hear that George's favourite punctuation is the elipse... which is my favourite as well(I'm shocked I haven't used them before now). I enjoyed the Buzz Hargrove interview but still don't have a freakin' clue who the other guy is and why I should care.

Thursday... ah... Thursday. Best show of the week, by far. The cold open was fantastic and both Howard Zinn and Damon Albarn made some fantastic points. I've browsed through Zinn's work and absolutely agree with him that it's the little stories in history that make the big picture come together. I look forward to seeing his doc.


I am totally loving all the content found in the segment The Most Important Federal Election...0f 2008! The Cold Opens have also been funny...I do hope that the working conditions of The Hour's writing staff has improved since Mr. Hargrove's visit. ;-)

Howard Zinn...simply brilliant.

For me, the best segment of the week was the interview with Spike Lee. I have never really been a huge follower of his cinematic efforts. However, I truly appreciated his honest, outspoken views on the country he calls home. People who know me in my everyday life are fully aware of my feelings with regard to certain abyssmal aspects US history as it pertains to civil rights, as well as the current administration. Lee's comments comparing the US government's reaction time to the Sri Lanken tsunami versus that of the catastrophic hurricane Katrina were bang on. Like Mr. Lee, I too look forward to the results of the November election.

~ Steph

Mon w/ Spike Lee: Awesome.

Tues: Declan Hill reminded me of a politician. Interesting subject but seemed he was all about selling himself & what he's done, rather than having a real conversation.

On the polar opposite there was Pink. Completely comfortable w/ herself & George, making it seem like one of his interviews where you're a fly on the wall. Pink's music, I can take or leave, but I've always been a fan of her ability to stay true to herself, and that includes fucking up & making mistakes. I think she challenges her younger audience to try & think for themselves, to stand up for what they believe in, etc. Like she said, it's all about her lyrics, and she def has word penetration. Even if people don't believe in the same things she does, it gets them to think about what they might not have, and yes it's in your face, and harsh to some, but by forming opinions on her words, you are thinking about what she puts out there. Oh, and if you're interested, she has an amazingly
sexy performance from her "I'm Not Dead" tour in Wembley.

Wed: Buzz Hargrove. Amazing what he's done for "the working man" and completely refreshing to hear that someone who's put in the hard work, the lobbying, the sacrifices and the determination to get things done, has enjoyed his long career so thoroughly.

Thur: Really, really enjoyed Howard Zinn. His interview reminded me of personalities such as June Calwood & Jane Goodall. Each of them so eloquently outspoken on their passions of driving home issues to the masses, on matters of integral importance, speaking to the soul and our hearts. One can only hope there are more individuals out there, such as these three.

Damon Albarn: "WaHoooo!" Innovative, to be sure. How many of his generation & talent would tackle such a project as a Mandarin Opera?

*On a side note: George mentioned on Monday that Jeremy Hinzman was granted a reprieve from his deportation back to the US. It was based on the assessment errors made by an Immigration official & I applaud Federal Court Judge Mosley in his decision.
From The Canadian Press:
~ In June, a non-binding motion passed in the House of Commons called for the deserters to be allowed to stay in Canada permanently as conscientious objectors. Following the court decision, the War Resisters Campaign called again on the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper to act on the Commons' motion and to "cease deporting Iraq war resisters." The NDP's Olivia Chow, who introduced the motion, said Monday, "Clearly the courts are standing up when Stephen Harper won't and respecting the will of Parliament." ~
~ Jenuine

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