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Friday, September 19, 2008

<<< REWIND <<<<

It seems that The Hour has brought back/added some new segments to this season's show:
Similarly, we at the Stroumboulopouli would like to add our own segment to the blog, with a new weekly feature:

Playing back The Hour's best moments from this week, or the week in review, if you will.
Our POV's, comments, fave moments/worst moments, or whatever......and we'd like to encourage you to participate!

'Cause change is okay. what's the point in staying the same. Regrets, forget what's dead and gone. If you could rewind your time would you change your life?'
- Rewind (Stereophonics)

Perhaps you'd missed an episode. You want to throw something at the screen. You want to kiss the screen...Tim Robbins anyone? Let us know what you think. What did you like? What did you not enjoy?

I love the Cold Opens. Mansbridge - the Puppetmaster uttering the phrase 'Mansbridge doesn't do dairy' Awesome. George in a precariously affixed fake moustache - looking like a reject from a 70's porn flick? Scary. Best of all perhaps was the sweater vest a la Stephen Harper. Geeky. Yes, I wanted to barf too. Nicely done guys!

In coming weeks I want Stephen Harper to have the stones to appear on The Hour. He's been invited and will NOT come on. Mr. Harper - how can you speak FOR Canadians when you won't speak TO them?

The miss of the week? New Kids on the Block cancelling. I can't imagine George asking them even a single question with a straight face. So... when you sing. "Oh oh oh oh oh. Oh oh oh oh. Oh oh oh oh oh. The Right Stuff" is your perspective more enlightened now that you're like.. 40?
Oh... Snap!

-- Tracy

"In life, there is no pause button, no rewind, and definitely no replay"
-Author unknown

Biggest LOL for me was George explaining that an ex of his was bang on, 18yrs ago, that her friend Russell Peters was very funny & would one day be a huge comedic star.
To which he added, "If she was right about that, what else was she right about?
Am I a selfish lover?
Oh no, I'm not!"
I'm pretty sure that there's a few hundred women out there (and a few guys), that would like to test that theory....

I don't know about anyone else, but I would like the recipients of the 2:20 friend test, to actually try & finish the questions. Hard to interrupt the person when they launch into a story, but the highlight is when the answers are fired off & you get a sense of what the guest is really like.

Difficult not to be outraged by Jeremy Hinzman's plight. Yeah, yeah.....he signed a contract, he fled his country, opens a can of worms for the Canadian govt if they let him stay, yadda yadda....but regardless, the Supreme Court refused to hear his case, he's going back for an undetermined punishment - likely jail time, for standing up for his morals, by refusing to kill for a war he doesn't believe in, and it can only be imagined what life will be like for his wife and two small children. Bah!

Fave interviews: Toss up between Tim Robbins & Stephan Dion.
Fave slam: Sarah Palin being a Klingon.

~ Jenuine

I always look forward to premiere weeks and this week was no exception. So many little things amused and engaged me over the past few nights...

Good things: George's Kylie Minogue interpretation, George wanting to spread cheese on Ritz, the Gervais interview... and the moustache in the Layton Cold Opener.

Slightly Disturbing Things: Kid Rock's Best Story Ever, Russell Peter's 2-20 (yes, the stories were interesting but the questions are supposed to be fast and quick, I would have liked to hear more Q&A)... and the moustache in the Cold Opener.

I'm feeling the election fever as well (or maybe it's just an inner ear imbalance). I hope that Harper and Duceppe return The Hour's calls and get their butts into that red chair along with the other leadership candidates.

As a political junkie, all the election talk is great. The fact that the art of campaigning has been worked into the Cold Opens is fabulous. My favourite so far? George and his fictitious children.

I really LOVED The Awkward Situation Room! I hope that this feature continues throughout season five.

The Bob Lutz interview was interesting to me, as I have always driven General Motors' Pontiac and three Buicks. As a longtime GM customer I have my own take, in part, on the problems facing the manufacturer. Of course Mr. Lutz did not touch upon this, as his focus is on the future. However, in my experience, good customer service AFTER the vehicle has been purhased is also an issue that needs to be addressed and improved upon.

And finally, a huge highlight of the week for me was that the NKOTB did NOT appear on The Hour! That was awesome!

~ Steph :-)



Anonymous said...

Erin: After the opener the other night, I got thinking about the sweater vest. I think Harper has been waiting to call a Fall election just so he could wear the sweaters and sweater vests. All of the back and forth wheeling and dealing this past year was just for show - he wasn't going to call an election - he had to time it perfectly with the weather so he could wear the Sweater Vest. Because let's face it, if you saw Harper in a Bermuda shorts, white socks pulled up and sandals...would you vote for him?

Now everytime I see those commercials, I just laugh and think about sweater-gate.

The other highlight was the cancellation of NKOTB. I believe that The Hour chooses guests that are intriguing to them and who have something interesting to say. When I saw the ad for New Kids, I just thought they were on for ratings, not because they genuinely wanted them on the show. So that was disheartening however my faith was restored when they were cancelled to make room for Dion and Hinzman.

Philip said...

Tracy et al.

I do not think NKOTB canceled. I think in fact the interview was moved (as it seems like this week's scheduled Greg Kinnear interview moved to next week). I believe they taped it, but moved it to a later date. (When were they in Toronto? Was it last week?)

I was listening to an interview with George on Montreal radio, where he said the only reason he had NKOTB on the show was to satisfy the female staffers who were big fans. He then went on to say, "You know what, maybe we shouldn't have them on this week." and he went through with that. So, maybe we will see them on a slow week. That is something I have always found interesting. Seeing the variety of guests on that he gets. There are some celebrities that I see he has on that I would think he didn't really care for, and some that he really loves. (He had a great pretape list. Shame I am in Montreal.)

I loved the premiere week, or what I saw of it. Some days I go home at 11:30. I was surprised to see the List, back. I always wonder what happened to that section. That coupled with 2:20 which is my favourite (I always wonder who George will pick for that section) as well as Best Story Ever, is fantastic.

Tracy said...

We'll see... I heard NKOTB was cancelled. Maybe they'll revisit and move it to somewhere more appropriate - like 1989? Ok.. I'll stop now. If it ever happens it will be surreal.

Kinnear was taped during TIFF.