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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The goodness continues! What's on this week...

With summer days behind us and the colourful fall to look forward to, this week brings us a colourful mix of music, film and politics...

Sunday, September 21

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The Creepshow

Fresh off their tour with Anti-Flag and the AKAs, The Creepshow creeps into the Strombo Show studios for a chat with George to discuss life on the road and their new album Run For Life that dropped earlier this month.

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Monday, September 21

Craig Glenday

As the Editor in Chief for the ultimate compendium of weird facts, obscure feats and some downright bizarre world records, it's probably safe to say that Craig Glenday has probably come pretty close to seeing it all. With 54 years and counting under their belts, the Guiness Book of World Records holds a certain strange fascination to readers...
Guess who is the world record holder in the category Most Searched on the Internet? No it's not George Stroumboulopoulos... it's Britney Spears who beat out Paris Hilton, last year's record holder.
Ever wondered what takes the distinction of Most Deadly Cheese ? That would be the Casu Marzu, a cheese from Italy, whose name roughly translates to rotten cheese. Don't google it. Trust me. Just... don't.

Spike Lee

Spike Lee was recently in Toronto to present his lastest film Miracle at St. Anna at the Toronto Film Festival. While here, he stopped into The Hour's studios to discuss his film, his career and he made some pretty interesting points about what's going on in the American election.

Tuesday, September 23

Declan Hill

For the past four years, Canadian investigative reporter Declan Hill has investigated match fixing in the world of soccer. The result of his work, The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime, makes some pretty severe allegations... that most matches, even the Olympics and the World Cup have been tainted by the possibility of match fixing. Hill gets down and dirty with the underworld of professional sport in this book: from how matches are fixed, why they are fixed and that many of the world soccer organizations have been corrupted, in some cases right to the top.


Last week, Pink achieved one of those milestones that most musicians dream of... her new single "So What" became her first solo number one of her career on the Billboard 100. "So What" has burned up the charts, fueling the anticipation of the release of her new album Funhouse, which is slated for release on October 28th.

Wednesday, September 24

Buzz Hargrove

Earlier this month Hargrove stepped down as the head of the Canadian Automotive Workers union, after 16 years at the helm and over 40 years in the industry. He leaves behind a mixed legacy: on one hand he's known for his amazing bargaining skills and the ability to ferret out impressive last minute agreements, but on the other hand, he's raised the ire of a few with his alledged bickering with other labour organizations and with the NDP. Now that he's retired, Hargrove is writing a book and plans to consult and commentate on issues affecting the industry he fought so hard for.

Thursday, September 25

Howard Zinn

Best known for his book A People's History of the United States, Howard Zinn is known for two things: his outspoken views on war and that he taught Americans to look at history with a fresh outlook. His newest project based upon his book, The People Speak, was screened at the Toronto Film Festival. Using well-known actors like Viggo Mortensen and Matt Damon, the film brings key moments of dissent in American history and how these moments are relevant today.

Damon Albarn

It was announced over the weekend that a third Gorillaz album is in the works. Despite previous announcements that there would be no future Gorillaz albums, the duo of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, decided they knew exactly what they wanted to do... including possible makeovers for most or all the animated members of the band.

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