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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Final week to see Season Four shows

For the week of
Sept 07 to Sept 12

The Strombo Show is a question mark this Sunday. George is doing pre-tapes all weekend and most of this next week for The Hour while the TIFF stars are in town promoting their projects and he may or may not have pre-recorded his radio show earlier in the week. It will be fresh but probably not interactive.

A couple of pre-tapes I have seen this weekend so far....
you will see them soon in the coming weeks.

Lebron James

Evangeline Lilly

James Cameron

and Spike Lee

There are lots of interviews going on this week and here is a partial list

One name not mentioned on that list that we saw interviewed by George today wasRobert F Kennedy Jr.
That was an amazing interview and a wonderful surprise.

Sorry about the photo quality. I try to get the shots but balance it with enjoying the interviews...

On The Hour this week

Monday Sept 08
George interviews Bryan Adams and Catherine O'Hara.

Tuesday Sept 09
George interviews Ryan Phillippe and Jenny McCarthy.

Wednesday Sept 10
George interviews Morgan Spurlock and Gordon Ramsay

Thursday Sept 11
Best of the Week with John Cusack and Doris Roberts.

Friday Sept 12
Best of the Week with Cyndi Lauper and Barbara Walters.


Anonymous said...

Must be nice to be in Toronto these days with the film festival!
Looking forward to see the interview with James Cameron and Robert F Kennedy jr....

I will listen to Strombo show later this afternoon ;)

Miss 3-rivières!

Dave I said...

Are Cindy Lauper and Barbara Walters going to sing a duet?....Sorry LOL