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Friday, March 14, 2008

'Tis funny sometimes how life plays out......Kinda cool, kinda crazy, kinda awesome.
Just last night I was chatting with the Stroumboulopouli girls about how inspirational & engaging Jennifer Nutt's interview was with George on The Hour, and was interested in blogging about it here. This morning while checking out my page on MySpace, I had received a comment from
Impact Canada:

"This week we are focusing on humanitarian efforts made by fellow Canadians. We’re honoured to have you in our top friends and we hope you’ll drop by and visit the page. Educate. Inspire. Empower."
~Impact Canada

Feeling extremely honored, I checked out their page again and saw they had featured a guest blog, from none other than: Jennifer Nutt.
Her blog piece was an extremely interesting read and a few things stood out, but I think what spoke to me the most was:
"But we will only begin to effect change when each and every one of us decides that enough is enough. When we decide that we will not support this irrepressible cycle of violence, that we choose instead to invest - through our donations, through our public policy, and through our consumer practices - in peace at the expense of war, and not in war at the expense of peace. There is no other way."

It really is amazing what she has done in co-founding War Child Canada, the personal selfless work & risks she has put into helping the children, women & communities ravaged by war in so many countries.

I love that The Hour has brought to my attention so many inspirational people & causes, from all walks of life, and the pride they seem to show in featuring Canadians who really do make an impact in our world.
Thanks guys!

*For those of you that would like an evening of music & contributing to the cause, Roz Bell and Low Level Flight, in addition to announcing their tour, have teamed up to donate a portion of the proceeds to War Child Canada.

Check out both of these bands on MySpace:

March 19 – Kingston, ON – The Ale House
March 27 – Toronto, ON – Revivial
April 3 – Hamilton, ON – The Casbah (Acoustic Performance)


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Tracy said...

Cool, crazy, awesome...yes exactly like life Jenuine!

The interview with Warchild and Jennifer Nutt was very well done.
What shone through for me is that though it sometimes seems our best efforts don't seem like enough, doing nothing isn't an option. We
all have to do what we can. Our individual small efforts can combine to make a substantive impact for others.

I appreciated Dr. Nutt's candour that Warchild is selective in the artists they engage to help advance their cause and make certain that volunteers are attuned to the overriding international issues of the day along with the aims of Warchild.