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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Starting with Sunday

For the Week of March 9 th to March 14
If you haven't already, don't forget to turn forward your clocks an hour for Daylight Savings Time!

George is in Los Angeles this weekend, but if he can get a flight out of LA as planned, he will be live on
The Strombo Show this Sunday 5 pm EST.
There are about 10 hours to spare between arrival home and show time but with the snow here in Toronto it may be a close thing.

Don't you just love that scarf?

On the Strombo Show this Sunday, George talks to Yoav.... check them out on their myspace link they may be playing in a town near you soon.


The Hour

News from the set of The Hour: they have a new look and new merchandise! If you attend a taping of the show, you can purchase your fill of new Hour merchandise right outside the studio.

Left to Right: The new mug, the new T-Shirt and a new look to the set.
Last week, on Round One of Greatest Thing Ever "Sex versus the Wheel", Sex won by a landslide. George is very proud of you.

Round Two this week, "Democracy vs Sleep"

Don't forget to vote for 'em at

Monday March 10 th on The Hour
Hip-hop artist RZA

RZA is the Wu-Tang Clan’s chief producer.
Also known as the Abbott, Prince Rakeem, Rzarector, Bobby Steels and Bobby Digital. He was born as Robert Diggs.

Division Commander of the UN peacekeeping forces in Eastern Congo.

Tuesday march 11

Actress, spokesperson and subject of gossip, is here to talk about her new memoir.
Valerie Bertinelli
If you want to hear about food fights, Raj Patel knows all about it.

Wednesday March 12

Canadian songsmith Bryan Adams sits down with George to talk about his career and new release.

New * Documentary filmmaker Peter Raymont talks about his latest film that looks at the Canadian Tar Sands.

Thursday March 13
New *Starbuck aka Katee Sackhoff from Battlestar Galactica will be visiting.

A spotlight on Dr. Samantha Nutt with her work for War Child Canada.
According to UN estimates, there are at least 300,000 child soldiers worldwide, says Dr. Samantha Nutt, executive director of War Child Canada.
"Kids make great combatants, and I say that with great despair," Dr. Nutt says. "They are compliant, they are easily intimidated, they'll take risks, they follow instructions and they can be brutalized into submission."

Friday is the best of the week and sometimes from other weeks...


Tracy said...

Growing up in a predominantly WASPY community I actively sought out to explore different genres of music to broaden my life experience.

I loved and still do love exploring all styles of music... from hip-hop/SKA/Funk/punk and everything in between. Blues and Folk are faves too but there's always a time in my day when hip hop fits in.

I do not represent the profile of someone who typically listens to Hip Hop but to me that doesn't matter - every genre of music with the exception of crap-tastic pop have artists who through their work create music that stirs something enduring, genuine and impactful.

So for me, the Monday's interview with RZA was incredible. Even in the Bio - a clip from one of
Wu-Tang's first hits played as part of the montage.

"Cash rules everything around me cream get the money, dolla dolla bills y'all." A great beat, a great message in that song...

RZA opened up about the impact of the death of Old Dirty Bastard on his life and art. His respect for the complexity and challenge presented by the game of chess...the RZA is an intelligent man and a true artist.

For those who might not like hip- hop - that's your prerogative, but you have to respect a man like RZA - he's a pioneer. Would be great to know what others thought!
Hip hop Chess Federation? Amazing!

Steph A. said...

Hip Hop Chess Federation...awesome.

I quite enjoyed the Valerie Bertinelli interview, which was both candid and humourous. She came across as genuine. It is also nice to see that both she and Eddie Van Halen seem to have only the best interest of their son at heart...just the way it should be.

I have been waiting with great anticipation for the Bryan Adams interview that will air tonight. I remember, like it was yesterday, going to buy "Cuts Like a Knife" on casette tape...yes I KNOW, that makes me sound ANCIENT. Adams was the first artist I got into, who was not part of my parents' music collection. For me, no matter how much music I consume (which is ALOT), his material withstands the test of time.

Steph A. said...

Well, it's the morning after the night before and I am still a touch perplexed by the Bryan Adams interview. As a longtime fan, I am aware that he does not like doing interviews and that was clearly obvious right down to his body language. If his remark about debris in George's teeth and his apparent inability to comprehend some of the questions wasn't bad enough, his arrogance was over the top. I am truly disappointed that he represented himself so poorly.

carol s said...

Totally agree, Steph.
I wanted to reach through the TV and smack the arrogance right out of him.

I think the phrase, "What a dickhead" went through my head...

Tracy said...

The Bryan Adams interview was
analogous to a band-aid being peeled slowly from the skin.

If you're being interviewed, is it not your obligation to give your interviewer something to go on? I'm NOT saying spoonfeed - make your interviewer work for it - but Adams' posturing and indifference to the process was rude.

Bryan - I am not a fan of your music but many are and you owed them at least a scrap of something positive or redeeming. A word of advice taken from the Dixie Chicks documentary title? - 'Shut up and Sing'. To Bryan's 'handlers -
my sympathies. I am sure you earn every dime.

Sam said...

He also got a dig at Valerie Bertinelli last night when he was introducing that Guitar Hero bit (Which I ended up playing at one of my friend's goodbye parties). He was saying something like "We had Valerie Bertinelli on last night.... The only thing i cared about was if Eddie Van Halen was good at Guitar Hero." I am positive he said that after The News.

Kim said...

Kudos to George for being such a great communicator and handling Bryan Adams so well.

At first I wondered if Bryan had a bad past that needs healing, because he was on the defensive instead of relaxing and being open. But I actually suspect because he became famous at a young age, people let him get away with very bad behaviour because he is a celebrity - and this stuck all these years.

CQ said...

Did you watch the same interview that I saw? George was being an a**. It was painful to watch him stumble through his interview of Bryan. Sure, Bryan came off as a bit arrogant, but come on George. Those were stupid questions.

You be the judge:

GS: Have you ever said to yourself "Man that made a lot of money, that song wasn't that good".
BA: What was the question?

GS: You play ten shows every month?
BA: Yes.
GS: How long you been doin' that?
BA: Ten years.
GS: Come on. For real? Does it count if you play them outside of your basement?

GS: How does the uh.. the 50th birthday? Are you the kinda guy that looks at that...?
BA: Not until I'm 50, and that's not for a couple of years, thanks.
GS: Yeah, but it's coming!
BA: Thanks, I wasn't really thinking about it.
GS: Are you the kind of guy that likes getting older? (??)
BA: You tell me. Do you know anybody who does that?

Sure Bryan came off as a bit arrogant. Bus George's questions and comments were rude and uncalled for. It was like watching a battle of inflated egos.

CQ said...

I should say something nice, just so people don't think I'm anti-George...

George - your interview with Valerie Bertinelli was great. Made me want to go out and buy her book. You really managed to bring out her personality. You were sincere, your questions were great.

As for Bryan, I'm not saying you should have kissed his ass, but come up with some better questions next time (not that there's likely to be one.. I think you may have scared him off interviews for a few more decades!)

Barbara said...

No CQ that is fair. I know George was very tired at that time and he may not have been on his A game. He was asking his 'B' questions.
But man Bryan was acting like a bad guest.

Kim said...

CQ, Good point - the interview came off awkward after the food in teeth comment. It's a tough situation when it's all on TV.

What I liked about how George handled it, is that near the end he made a comment like "No, we're not going to edit this out. You're talking about what's in my teeth, then we're talking about this". A bit rude, yes. However, I liked that he didn't leave something unsaid. Clearly Bryan made the comment earlier to try and knock George down a notch, and I liked that George didn't pretend the comment wasn't made. This is a good emotional communication to me. An aggressive way of doing it, yes, like 2 lions circling eachother.

I appreciated how challenging the interview was. Bryan seemed smug, a sneaky way of "biting" the other person. George is a lion, and it probably brought out his inner predator instinct and he tried to maintain control of the interview and bring out an emotional response from Bryan (whether it was anger or something more positive). Cool to witness, I admit, b/c I love learning about communication.

Jenuine said...

Its as if BA felt he was testifying at a trial for defending his career.
Would have been hilarious if G looked us in the camera & said; "Before continuing, I'd like to declare this interviewee as a hostile bitchness."