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Friday, March 28, 2008

Smart Governance or Censorship???

The Charles McVety interview on Wednesday's edition of The Hour has created a maelstrom of talk regarding Bill C-10 and the effect it will have on the Canadian Film and Television industry. In Facebook groups like: "Keep your censoring hands off of Canadian film and TV! No to Bill C-10!", or "Support Bill C-10" or even "What's So Bad About Bill C-10?" you can find a lot of good information about what's going on all sides with this bill. I mention only three groups here, but there are many more groups out there.

There's a lot going on with this issue, so here's a few places to check out if you want to learn more about what the amendment to the Income Tax Act means and the players involved.

To read the actual verbiage of the tax bill, check out the the Act to Amend the Income Tax Act (aka Bill C-10).

Charles McVety is the president of the Canada Family Action Coalition. There's talk that he's the one that convinced the government to put this amendment through. If you're not really sure who they are or what they stand for? Quoting directly from their "about us" section, CFAC's primary principles are:

The policies, statements, views, and strategies of Canada Family Action
Coalition are founded upon the Bible.
The following principles guide the
issues we may address on a provincial or national level:
• We believe the Judeo-Christian moral tradition is foundational to Canadian society
• We believe that all Canadians have the right to express and practice publicly their
religious beliefs, and that Government has a duty to respect and safeguard those
• We believe that the family, based on the marriage of a husband
and wife of the opposite sex, is central to the fabric of society. We believe in
policies which protect the inherent right and responsibility of parents in the
raising and education of their children.
• We believe in the inherent dignity of human life, from conception to natural death.
• We believe in the mutual responsibility of all citizens to be active in community life and participate in the democratic political process.

They have an active campaign and petition going supporting this amendment. Their take on why having this amendment pass is a good thing is an interesting read. You can check it out here.

ACTRA, the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists, are against the implementation of Bill C-10. The National ACTRA website has a good rundown about why Bill C-10 is a bad idea. They are also encouraging a letter writing campaign to the government.

The Director's Guild of Canada issued a "strongly worded letter" to the government at the end of February. You can read the press release about it here.

The CFTPA, the Canadian Film and Television Production Association, also released a statement on March 2, regarding this bill.

Other recent interviews on The Hour with players in the Canadian Film and Television industry have discussed Bill C-10 and it's ramifications include:

Paul Gross (orginally aired March 20, 2008)
Nicholas Campbell (originally aired March 6, 2008)
Mary Walsh (originally aired March 26, 2008)

I also searched each Party's website for their stance on Bill C-10:

Conservative Party of Canada: I haven't found any official statement from the party itself regarding the bill.
Liberal Party of Canada: A press release was issued March 5th.
The New Democratic Party of Canada: I could not find any statement on their website.
The Bloc Quebecois: There is a video clip of party leader Gilles Duceppe making a statement regarding Bill C-10. (It's in French.)
The Green Party of Canada: I could not find a statement on their website.

Whether you're for or against this amendment, let the government know what you think...

Contact your Senator and let them know what you want them to do with this bill. Since it has now passed the House of Commons, it's up to the Senate to quash it unless the government withdraws the amendment. Not sure who represents you in the senate? You can find out who represents you in the senate here.

Contact your Member of Parliament. As George said on the show Wednesday, the bill passed through the House of Commons with support from all parties... yet no debate was brought up about this amendment. So either they agree with the amendment or they didn't read it. Find out what your Member of Parliament thinks of the bill. Not sure who your Member of Parliament is? You can find out here.

If this amendment goes through, Minister of Canadian Heritage, Status of Women and Official Languages, the Honorable Josée Verner, will be the one (along with a committee apparently) who will make the decision about which projects gets tax credits and who doesn't.

Let Prime Minister Stephen Harper know what you think about Bill C-10 and the impact it will have on the Canadian Film and Television industry.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few months with this bill. If you've found an interesting source of information about either side of the issue, leave us a comment and let us know.


Jenuine said...

According to an article from ACTRA news:
Heritage Minister Josée Verner will appear before the Senate Committee
considering Bill C-10 on April 2, 2008.

Supposedly you can watch Heritage Minister Verner's appearance at 4:00 p.m. EDT on
April 2 via the webcast at

If you haven't already, not too late to write some letters.

Mich said...

Very cool Jen... I didn't know the senate was hip enough to do webcasting. ;)

Anonymous said...

bill c-10 is a no tax break for offencive film work. Right? If the public were made aware of the drugging and raping of unwilling, unsuspecting participants/VICTIMS! It is those who produce fraudulant film work like beastality, ETC.. That the government (who know more of this) would choose not to support obscence sex-crimes,produced as porn or erotica. I quite frankly would choose to shut down these companies, but one thing at a time. There is a film production co. in Vanc. BC., whose share holders are members of hells angels and a high profile teamster. When hells angels can't get convited as organized crime, because of their high prfile assocications, who under the federal Liberal government making obscene sex movies, IE:(urinating in someones mouth)is allowable by law, why should the Canadian tax payer, PAY FOR IT?!

Anonymous said...

I too, contacted the sentate of Canada to let them know of Organized rape in film making. The reply was, they are, 'aware of who the real actors are'.

Anonymous said...

The media know that fraudulant film and t.v/commericals are a big business-industry. Freedom for everyone but the victims. WHY? Because manufactured victims are a bigger business! Did someone mention a revolution? A, moral revolution!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:27 AM, March 29, 2008

Do you have proof that federal tax credits are going to the production of the movies you mentioned? I have heard of no such funding and I know of the content you speak of. It is my understanding that they are self funded.

Kim said...

I just watched the interview - Wow, I don't think I'd ever hold up in an argument with George...his fast talking and quick mind would be hard to keep up with!

What is the solution? Is it possible to individualize tax spending to every person in the country? For e.g. I wouldn't personally donate money to military for war, but kinda have to accept that it will be used by the government for this. Or I don't donate to Cancer or heart research because I don't resonate with the general vision for their research (finding a magic pill instead of a more wholistic approach). But the general public does support it - so I let it go and inwardly support other people's free will to decide what's best for them.

I bet the percentage of money that these supposedly naughty films get, correlates with the percentage of people in the country that support their content!

Finally, I do question the artist's inner motivations and ask whether this extreme artistry supports their spirit in some way. But I guess most people don't talk about heart and soul motivations. On a sidenote, do many people really like watching that extreme kinda stuff? If so, then maybe the solution lies in figuring out what need it serves in people.

Mich said...

Anon 11:27, Anon 11:38, Anon 11:57... I would be interested to see your evidence behind your claims. Without it, I have to question the validity of your claims. Please provide us with corroborating evidence.

The adult film industry (ie: porn) is NOT supported by tax credits. That is all made with private money.

Janna said...

ANON 11:27, 11:38, 11:51-

While what you speak of is horrific, the law is all we can go by. Last time I checked kidnapping, rape and beastiality are all illegal across the country. The government would not knowingly fund that. Having said that wasn't there just a ruling in BC stating that the Hell's Angel's were NOT a Criminal Organization?

Have you ever tried to get TeleFilm, Harold Greenburg or a CAVCO before? It is VERY CHALLENGING and if the that production company was ever found out they would not only lose the $$ but probably face criminal charges. Why didn't you go to the police if you knew that was happening?

I think this will backfire on Mr.McVety as well... any religious films he plans to make could and probably would be shot down and would not qualify under the "governments discretion".

Unfortunately, not many Canadians will go out and watch "family" films. We have a difficult enough time as it is trying to get our nation out to see ANY CANADIAN film.

For example.... Bon Cop Bad Cop. One of Canada's HIGHEST GROSSING films... grossed $13 million dollars. 13MILLION!

That is the budget of MOST American films!!!

Did any of you see that movie?

I think we need to worry about making more films in Canada and grossing more $$ than panicking about a situation that doesn't exist...
The Government DOESN'T FUND PORN.

The fact that this was snuck onto the Senate's plate is what is TRULY appalling here. And it seems the people that are most outraged are the true industry of loyal, hardworking filmakers and crews that exist in this country.

I truly believe that if this law passes our Canadian film industry will tank and cease as we know it.

Moreover, all of our talent in front and behind the camera will flee to the US do to their business.

Then all we have done is let the US and the world know, yet again we suck at our own filmaking come bail us out. Read your history books kiddies this is how our industry got so wrong in the first place.

Anonymous said...

What anon 11:27, 11:38 states is, ALL PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE! Ask someone in the media, Like George Stroumboulopoulos!!! Former P.M., Paul Martin IS a share holder in a Vanc. film production co. that produceS fraudulant porn! This was reported by CTV news, in 2005. Janna, ASK GEORGE to answer your question! THAT WE KNOW OF, THE GOVERNMENT DOESN'T FUND PORN!

Anonymous said...

Fraudulant porn? Is that a video that advertises itself as xxx but actually features bunnies and rainbows? In anycase, what does fraudulant porn (whatever that is) and an ex politician being a shareholder in a porn production company have to do with tax credits?

Mich said...

Anon 10:27... you asked the very question I have... what exactly is fraudulent porn and what does that have to do with tax credits, considering that porn of any kind is not publically funded.

Anon 1:45, show us your evidence of this "public knowledge". I'm a pretty sharp researcher and I've yet to find anything to back up your claims. So show me your proof, then I might take what you say seriously.

Pacific Duchess said...

Hi, this is 11;51. I am a P.I. with inside knowledge of the multi-million dollar criminal industry of manufactured victims! Which cases are always before the courts, therefore the media are limited to what they can publish!
MICH my source; CTV-BC 2005, it has been in the news numerous times. I spend my time lobbing for public safety, whether or not someone believes my comments. I post comments to spark debate, seek out info and bring awareness to this growing problem. Fraudulant porn is when lackies of organized crime are ordered/paid to go into a sleeping, unsuspecting victims home, drug, rape and video tape sex-crimes... these images get digitally altered, produced, manufactered and distributed in Canada! This is known as the HRDC boon doggle. Sex-crimes are broadcast 'live' to foreign countries then sent back into Canada, as Asian porn! (SOURCE; MP's-2004) Governments have put in place task forces such as BC'S salvation task force and ISPOT where plain clothed police officers are paid 100 grand/year to follow (24/7) known rapist and stop then from entering a victims home! This too, has made the news... Google them.__PS: my 11;27 post never mentioned pornography recieving tax credits... The topic was why should Cdn tax payers, pay for offensive filming! I don't understand why porn watcher are over protective? After all porn, are paid camera-sex-trade workers pretending to fool viewers that they are having a good time!? If you folks found a better way at spending your time and mind, maybe then you would have something to argue...

Mich said...

I understand what you're saying (and thank you for coming back) and having worked with adult content, I know that there are shady operations in the adult film industry who do not play fair. Thankfully, the company I work for makes sure that the studios we deal with are legit.

That said, I am not sure what any of what you've posted has to do with Bill C-10, considering that the tax credits at issue have never been available to the adult film industry. Adult films are not financed publically, they are financed privately. They are not eligible for the tax credit program. Never have been and it's doubtful they ever will be.

Kim said...

Is the debate even about porn with Charles McVety? I got from the interview that it was just films with extreme content. Which films did McVety see clips of?

Mich, great work you did putting together the post. I tried to read the bill amendment. Very hard to understand. ACTRA says section 143.2, but I don't see where the censorship part is. ACTRA's website mentions there are "Existing guidelines already deny public funding to pornographic films". If so, then I assume McVety, et al have issue with "non-Christian" ideas.

On McVety's CFAC website, I couldn't help but feel they are really obsessed with sex. It's hard to take their concerns seriously because their website talks too much about how wrong people are if they are gay or masturbate, etc. These are modern days - aren't we over hating ourselves for loving other people or our bodies (esp. if it doesn't hurt other people)?

Anonymous said...

MICH, are you an antagonist or what?! bill c-10 is to with hold tax breaks from offensive film work! Forget your damn porn for a minute. IT'S EXTREME VIOLENCE IN FILMS! HATE-CRIMES RECORDED & EDITED INTO MOVIES!!! Anon 11:38, I surely hope that the Senate of Canada, 'knows who they are'... because it looks like nobody gives a damn!

Anonymous said...

JANNA, your comments to anon 11:27,11:38, 11;51. Didn't mention kidnapping? You do! Plus, you assume that this poster didn't go to the police, WTF are you talking about? Fraudulant porn (rape on tape) is produced through a Vanc., film production co., whose share holders are members of H.A's...You do the math! Yes, this too, is public knowledge, with the awareness of authorities! It's known as the sponsorship scandal! IE: FALSE ADVERTISING! Proving this to crown counsel is hard. Getting them caught in the act and then to get witnesses to testify is even harder! Thanks to weak whistleblower protection!

Kim said...

Whoa, these anonymous posters (or is it the same person?) are really...umm..passionate...about this. Maybe you could give some website references so we can understand your opinion better.

Just trying to weed out the skewed fanaticism and see what's really going on.

Also, can Canadian filmmakers just get creative in how they raise money instead of relying on tax breaks? Do American filmmakers get tax breaks in the USA?