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Saturday, March 01, 2008

This Week on The Hour....

Bold. Powerful. Creative.

Words to describe the exciting lineup of guests. Get the PVR set up kids because here's a taste of the week ahead on The Hour. If you check out the photos... you'll see that there is good reason Moby and Alex Gibney aren't on the SAME edition. Hello! Doppelganger alert!

Also... a quick plug for a VERY exciting guest on March 2nd's Strombo Show!

Monday March 3rd

Alex Gibney

The trailer for Gibney's Oscar winning documentary for 'Taxi to the Dark Side' proclaims - It's Not about Left or Right. It's about Right and Wrong. Inspired by the story of the torture death in the American prison at Bagram Afganistan of a young Afgani taxi driver named Dilawar - labelled a terrorist by a paid informant who in fact was the REAL terrorist; the film is a powerful examination - ultimately an indictment - of the Bush Administration's disregard for maintaining a standard of human rights guaranteed under International Law.

Kathleen Edwards

Her Bio proclaims 'Most people put out records more frequently than every three years' Kathleen Edwards is not most people. Ottawa born singer/ songwriter Edwards is a critical darling - with good reason. A reviewer said of Edwards "An honest, penetrating voice offering up images in beautiful detail." Perhaps you were fortunate to see her perform with the Jim Cuddy Band last Fall? Her vocals and impressive fiddle playing added an exuberant tone and new level of musicality to the experience. Her latest release "Asking For Flowers" hits on March 4th. She's slated to tour this Spring as well!

Tuesday March 4th

Princess Zulu

Imagine you come from the African nation of Zambia where it's projected that over 20% of the adult population is thought to be HIV positive. You've lost your baby sister, mother and father to the disease. You become pregnant at 14, marry at 17 and then discover that you too are HIV positive.

Princess Kasune Zulu doesn't have to imagine it. She lived it - and continues to live it with optimism and purpose. In her home country, she hitchhiked to spread the message of prevention, treatment and care for HIV/AIDS to truckers and eventually had a national radio show. Speaking Internationally now- she is a determined and inspirational advocate. She's not Royal - Princess is her given name - but her dignity and grace will impress as though she were.

Dallas Green

And the award for musical chameleon goes to Mr. Dallas Green. A trip to Myspace tells us what we need to know. my name is dallas. i cant sleep. i play music. finish strong.

As a vocalist and guitarist for Alexisonfire he's a major player in the Hardcore music scene. Alexisonfire enjoys a fiercely loyal fanbase - deservedly so. Their songs possess a complexity and depth not always found in modern music of this genre.

His solo work through City and Colour is acoustic gold. Plain and simple. The latest - 'Bring Me Your Love' is described by a reviewer as 'tastefully decorated with minimal overdubs and warm production, these candlelit confessions are the epitome of understated beauty.'

Wednesday March 5th

Danny Williams

Strong talking Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams enjoys an unprecedented level of popular support. His October 2007 reelection was a proverbial arse kicking with his Progressive Conservatives winning 43 seats to the Liberals 3 and the NDP's lone seat. Perhaps only Newfoundland's favourite son, Rick Mercer is more popular. Perhaps not.

Determined to capitalize on his Province's oil and gas reserves to move Newfoundland and Labrador from a 'have not' Province to self sufficiency, he's not without critics. One veteran journalist - Craig Westcott has painted Williams as power-mad saying 'Danny Williams loves power. He lives for it. He revels in it.' Buckle up....


Groundbreaking musician Moby is a paradox. At once a quiet spoken vegan artist known for creating electronic and dance music who regularly DJ's at clubs and a canny businessman who engineered the licensing for commercial purposes EVERY single track from his seminal 1999 CD, Play. He offers his music for free to non profit film makers on Moby Gratis. His new effort - Last Night hits in March.

Tune in... George and Moby talk Tofurkey on Wednesday. Yes, I said Tofurkey.

Wednesday March 6th

Nicholas Campbell

The consummate character actor, Nicholas Campbell was a fixture on Canadian television for 7 years on
DaVinci's Inquest and one year on DaVinci's City Hall. He now stars in a new effort on CBC - The Englishman's Boy.

His life story is as compelling as his work. While he enjoyed a steady, healthy paycheque he was equally adept at frittering it away. An honest and raw profile in the latest edition of Macleans reveals how Nicholas Campbell threw it all away.

Sean Gilfillan

What kind of world and opportunities do soldiers face upon their return home? For Sean, an avid music fan - his tour of duty left him seeking a new purpose, which he directed into the formation of a record label dedicated exclusively to recording the many talented musicians in the military. While their first CD was Hip-Hop, To the Fallen Records features artists in all genres of music and is proud to give back by supporting military charities.

It's not About Politics. It's About Music.

And in Other Hourly Topics

Make your voice heard. Vote! Round Two of The Greatest Thing Ever kicks off this week!
Last week's epic battle of Sex vs. The Wheel represented a great start to the elimination rounds. This week's head to head match up hasn't yet been revealed but if the Grilled Cheese Sandwich didn't make it somewhere into the top 8, I will have lost all faith in democracy.

TONIGHT - On the Radio Dial!

Featured guest on the Strombo Show Sunday March 2nd is Eugene Hutz of Gypsy Punk group Gogol Bordello - in Toronto for a show TONIGHT! Eugene will join George for a live chat....

What's Gypsy Punk you may ask? Mindblowing is the answer. Listen and you'll understand. You may already know Gogol Bordello...they're the amazingly energetic musicians that joined Miss Carbon Footprint herself - Madonna - during her Live 8 performance.

Join in the frenetic fun of the Strombo Show each Sunday night on the Corus Radio Network from 5pm ET - 8pm ET. Listen online at


Jenuine said...

Bold. Powerful. Creative.
Words used to describe your post Tracy - Great job. Will watch for sure.
Yeah ok....was going to anyway, but you added an extra incentive.

Sort of off topic, but found out from the Strombo Show that Jeff Healey had passed away Sunday afternoon. They played Robert Johnson's song - Traveling Riverside Blues - in tribute. How terribly sad for us as fans & for Canadian music overall.
We'll miss you Jeff.
: (

Tracy said...


I know you were gonna watch but thanks all the same my friend.

Jeff was a true music lover with an encyclopedic knowledge of music. Fitting they played Robert Johnson in tribute.

Whatever you believe in - there is one hell of a jam going on somewhere with Jeff playing his heart out.

Jenuine said...

For anyone wanting to see part of the Gogol Bordello interview from The Strombo Show, it's posted on After The Hour on their website:
Eugene Hutz - Interview Pt.1

Kinda funny too, the rollover image kind of looks like Brian, one of their staff. (The pointy, waxed stache guy)

Barbara said...

Too bad Moby got snowed in in NY today. So No Moby this week.

George is in LA this weekend He will be back in time for the Strombo Show on Sunday night.

Sam said...

It's pretty cool that George was able to pretape a show for Thursday. Last year, he would have probably only had three shows and had a best of show for Thursday and Friday.

BTW, Great guests coming up in the weeks to come. But it was too bad about Moby and the Coronation Street actor.. Would have liked to see those.

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