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Monday, February 25, 2008

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program...

The boys are back in town and The Hour returns to Canada with a wild and crazy week of guests.

Monday, February 25th

He's one of Canada's high profile defense lawyers with clients like Conrad Black, Karlheinz Schreiber and Robert Latimer. He's also the vice-president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, a vocal support of Israel and he hosted a CBC show "The Scales of Justice" in the '80s. Eddie Greenspan is on the show.

Alex Roy sits down with George on The Hour tonight to talk cars, rallies and breaking world records. In 2006, he did what few thought was possible, he drove across the United States in 31 hours and 4 minutes. He's also well known for his crazy stunts at the Gumball 3000 rallies and he just released a new book last fall, The Driver: My Dangerous Pursuit of Speed and Truth in the Outlaw Racing World.

Tuesday, February 26th

In his first role, Billy Douglas on the daily soap opera One Life to Live he caused quite the commotion in daytime TV land, playing the first ever gay teen on a daily soap opera. He then went on to play a variety of roles in Due South, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Crash and the upcoming Chaos. Ryan Phillippe is on The Hour.

Wednesday, February 27

Tools in hand, he's the home owner's super hero. His show Holmes on Homes has exposed one bad renovation job after another since going on the air in 2003. Frustrated with the state of the industry after one of his rescues meant tearing down the whole house, he started The Holmes Foundation to encourage more young people to take up the building trades and to help home owners struggling to fix their homes. Fixing the world, one home at a time, Mike Holmes drops in to The Hour.

Taking the statement "You are what you eat" to the next level, author Michael Pollan is scheduled to tape in The Hour studios on Wednesday. His recent book, "In Defence of Food: The Eater's Manifesto", casts a spotlight on the plight of food. Real food, like what our grandparents ate. Pollan claims that most of what we eat these days is Frakenfood... the result of food scientists playing in the laboratory, and that this crafted food is hurting us more than helping us. George's been talking about this book over the past few weeks, and how it just might change the way he looks at food.

Thursday, February 28

Fresh off his second NBA All-Star start, Chris Bosh plays a big part of the Toronto Raptor's amazing recovery last season, that resulted in bringing Toronto their first championship banner ever. Off the court, Bosh founded the Chris Bosh Foundation, aimed at bringing physical activity into the lives of youth. Chris Bosh drops in to chat with George on the Thursday's show.

And in other news...
Tune into the Strombo Show next Sunday, March 3rd, because George's in studio guests will be Gogol Bordello. Tune in 5-8 EST, 2-5 PST on the Corus Radio Network.
And finally, if you're interesting in helping CAMH's (Centre for Addictionand Mental Health) work to remove the stigma associated with mental health, there are still tickets available for their second annual Queen Street Unmasked happening February 27th. Tickets are $150 dollars and the evening's entertainment includes K-OS and Serena Ryder. With art auctions and a grand unmasking, the evening will be hosted by George.
Happy Leap Year!


Jenuine said...

Thought I'd share a very cool piece of feedback from one of George's guests from Monday:

Dear George:

I had the really amazing pleasure of being George's guest on The Hour today, and I've got to say that among all the interviewers I've met, he was maybe the most down-to-earth and decent of all. George really loves what he does, is interested in each and every guest, and clearly WASN'T just reading questions off a teleprompter.

I was so impressed and comfortable that I rambled on and on and totally forgot to plug my book ("The Driver"), which was the whole reason I flew up to Toronto (just for the afternoon!) in the first place.
I'm sorry The Hour isn't aired in the US.
Thanks to everyone I met backstage and off-set, both staff (Claire, Paul, etc...) and fans.

Best, Alex
The Driver | Alex Roy’s Team Polizei 144 HQ
The high-speed, unbeleivable, illegal, bittersweet, hilarious, danger packed true story of Team Polizei, from my father’s revelatory deathbed confession to my search for the truth behind the greatest secret in racing history. ...

Tracy said...

My highlights of the week...

Loved Eddie Greenspan's candor on the question of guilt or innocence of his clients...

Mike Holmes was so engaging - this was the best 2 Minute 'friend test' ever. Philanthropic and he can fix things!

Chris Bosh - so impressed with his
positive attitude, dedication and good heart. Young people need mentors and role models of this young man's calibre.

Michael Pollan - After this interview did anyone else feel
ashamed of their food choices? Diet coke, microwave popcorn and a granola bar isn't a healthy dinner. Damn. But it's so tasty.

Bill Blaikie...A Parliamentarian
who advocates for less granstanding in the House. Did this man not get the memo?

Alex Roy. Wow! If I'm in NYC and need a quick lift to LaGuardia...

The Greatest Thing Ever battle of Sex vs. The Wheel. THAT was a terrific segment, but how is this
even a fair fight? I guess we'll find out next week.

Steph A. said...

The line up this week was terrific...something for everyone.

My favourite guest was, without a doubt, Eddie Greenspan. Even better...I was fortunate enough to be in the audience for the taping :).

The role of defence attorney has always fascinated me. Under our justice system, everyone is entitled to legal representation. I've often wondered how someone like Greenspan can have a client who he may think is guilty, yet defend that person's claim of innocence. During the interview my question was answered.

If you didn't happen to catch the interview, it can be found here:

Philip said...

What was with last night's show? Usually Friday shows are the best of the interviews during the week (usually Monday thru Wednesday) and there a re usually 3 or 4 interviews. This show seemed like a regular episode with both of Wednesday's guests and the "sex vs the Wheel" debate attached at the end. There was also an entertainment section and mile a minute segment. (Well, I know they talked about Prince Harry). Usually , they don't do this on Fridays. I wonder why they chose to do this week's Friday episode this way. I thought that these episodes were shown during the weeks off.

Anonymous said...

It's okay philip, no need to panic if things are a little different, they are allowed to change things up every once in a while and try out new ideas. It's their show, they can do what they want. Shocking, I know.

Anonymous said...

I think that Brian Stewart's reading of the Spice Girls'
'farewell' letter was among the best moments ever of this week or any other.

Kisses.... (ha ha)