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Monday, February 11, 2008

Sing it with me, guys: *insert own melody here* "Got some re-re-re-runs....Oh Yehhhh.... We got some re-re-runs!"

For any you've missed or just plain want to see again......

Mon, Feb 11
Jamie Oliver
Jamie oliver
Britain's original bad boy chef helps to change England's school cafeteria's.
Danny Glover
Danny Glover: activist
The man who turned acting and activism into a lethal weapon
Everything you wanted to know about bones, but were afraid to ask.

Tues, Feb 12
Les Stroud

The Ultimate Survivorman who's fought off black flies, bears and foot fungus, in swamps, deserts and the arctic; all for our viewing pleasure.

Wed, Feb 13
James Appathurai
The face of NATO discusses Afghanistan and Russia.
Warren Macdonald
warren macdonald
Tackling the world's tallest peaks without his legs.
Jason Blake
Jason Blake, black eye
The Leaf forward overcame cancer and continued his NHL career.
Thur, Feb 14
St├ęphane Dion
Stephane Dion
The Liberal leader chats politics and policy.
John Leguizamo
john leguizamo
A fierce and feisty writer, producer, director and comedian.
Peter Guber and Peter Bart
The experts are on The Hour to answer all the Oscar questions.
Fri, Feb 15
Lee Thomas
His skin, due to a disorder called vitiligo, is losing its pigment in front of the American public.
Angelo Dundee
He trained Ali, Foreman and Sugar Ray.
Robbie the Tiger
You think swimming with dolphins is cool? Try having a tiger on the set.


Anonymous said...

How is it, that george gets to spend his second (valentines) year in a row in the U.K? Two weeks at a pop! I think he's been to the U.K. Twice in '07 & now '08?! On Cdn tax payers. Does he have a valentine there or is someone else at cbc, in lust/love with g.

Barbara said...

Maybe he does not want to celebrate St Valentines... Who knows? I think it's all about the Brit Awards and not about Georges private life at all. The CBC features the Brit Awards and Coronation Street and George and The Hour promote it and get some very interesting interviews out of it. I think sending GS there is worth the money to promote the CBC's British imports. Fair exchange.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they are showing repeats since they pretaped enough for the entire week. I was in the audience one day when they had us stay for some extra shooting at the end. They told us what day the interview would air on but yet they have reruns instead.

Anonymous said...

easy tigers, it's just a week!

Mich said...

Just saw Georgie on CBC Morning talking about why they are in London next week and he's calling next week the unofficial British Week, with the Brit Awards and BAFTA and his show. They're also doing a set visit to the Coronation set...

So it's all publicity and not just his personal whim or anything to do with Valentine's Day, one of the most overrated Hallmark holidays out there.

Anonymous said...

speaking of George

here's one of his interviews (you guys may already be familiar with it)

Anonymous said...

or you can try

they are both the same interview

no the above comment was not spam.


PS. Wasn't he dating someone at the CBC? I doubt he's still with her. At least he plays it down.

Anonymous said...

I was expecting The Hour to be live from London this week. Although, G had mentioned someone would cover his radio show Sunday past and the following show would be aired from London.

BTW - Valentine's Day may put him in a precarious predicament
for various reasons. Best to avoid it altogether !


Barbara said...

Thank you Anon for sending the link to the interview. I found it very interesting. I like what George was saying about listening.

Tracy said...

A true Best of Week. Can't get enough of Jamie Oliver and Robbie the Tiger.

As far as the timing of being in London as Barbara said, it's awards season in Britain. Baftas and Brits. Ideal time to get
some great interviews and other entertaining features completed. A Canadian ex-pat friend is excited to be attending a taping.

Anon 8:13 & 8:29 - Who cares who George may or may not be seeing? His work is public, his life is his own.