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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

London Calling

London calling, yeah, I was there, too
An' you know what they said?
Well, some of it was true! London calling at the top of the dial
After all this, won't you give me a smile?

The HOUR is Live From London Feb 18th-22nd!

If you want to be in the audience you better ACT fast - it's almost sold out. Tapings will happen in Studio 7 of London Studios on Feb 18th & 19th!

A fab array of guests await and just for your Nan, George visits the set of Coronation Street. In fact... here's a cool link on the Corrie Blog that documents that little visit!

Lord Jeffrey Archer

A massively popular fiction writer and former British Conservative MP, Lord Archer’s career and life is marked by both accomplishment and scandal. There’s no telling where this conversation will go! His name not ringing a bell? Perhaps you know him from a memorable cameo in Bridget Jones’ Diary. ‘Welcome to the launch of Kafka’s Motorbike – The Greatest Book of Our Time. Obviously except for your books Mr. Rushdie which are also very good… and Lord Archer. Yours aren’t bad…either.’

Kylie Minogue

Pop Tart? Not Kylie. You can’t deny the staying power of this versatile Aussie. She’s best known for her booty shaking dance tracks like Can’t Get You Outta My Head but in May 2005 Kylie’s star power was proven when at age 36 – following her breast cancer diagnosis, the BBC reported that mammogram bookings in Australia increased 40%. Christened the ‘Kylie Effect’ her personal health crisis made a positive impact worldwide.

Ken Follett

He burst onto the literary scene in 1978 with the suspenseful novel Eye of the Needle and hasn’t looked back since. Not content to write exclusively in the suspense or thriller genre, Follett has branched out and published The Pillars of the Earth in 1989 to commercial success and critical acclaim. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when Oprah gives you a ringing endorsement!

Ben Elton
Black Adder, Mr. Bean and We Will Rock You are only a few projects that Ben Elton has worked on in his prolific career. This comedy legend makes a return visit to The Hour.

Andrew Morton

Former ‘Fleet Street’ reporter turned celebrity biographer - Andrew Morton’s books sell. As a confidant of Diana, Princess of Wales – Morton provided Diana a chance to get her story out in Diana – Her True Story. His current Bio of Tom Cruise has caused a major furor. In a classic ‘Oh No You Didn’t’ literary moment – Morton questions the parentage of Suri Cruise.

Sir David Frost

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome – Sir David Frost's signature greeting. A list of who this man hasn’t interviewed over his career would be shorter than the list of who he HAS in his decades long career. American Presidents, British Prime Ministers...the list is endless. Legend has it that members of Monty Python – most of whom wrote for his program The Frost Report later had such animosity toward him they flashed his home telephone number on the air!

Ricky Gervais
Hilarious, multitalented actor/writer/stand up comedian – Ricky Gervais will be a highlight of the week! Creator and star of the Original British version of ‘The Office’ and the creative and cameo laden series Extras, his work is fresh, fun and irreverent. With a mantle full of awards including Golden Globes, Emmys and BAFTAs it’s not just viewers, but his peers that are among his fans.

Toby Young
Toby's claim to fame is writing... How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, the Sound of No Hands Clapping and his latest - Starmageddon. His self depricating style and tales of his failures, ironically have lead to greatly successful books!

Charley Boorman

Actor/Adventurer and best pal of Ewen McGregor - Boorman may best be known for his particpation in 'Long Way Round' a motorcycle trip from London to NYC via Europe and Asia with McGregor. Documented for television, this epic adventure also spawned a highly successsful book and DVD. Hands up if you think there will be a number of motorcycle references in this convo?


philip said...

Just wanted to note, (I know things can change at the last minute) but according to the coming up page Toby Page is out and Charley Boorman is in.

Barbara said...

At last! 'Live' from London...The Hour. Seems like it's been a long time.

Philip said...

Hey, I am enjoying the show from London. I am quite impressed with the guests so far. Looking forward to the Corrie bits, though it looks like for the most part it's going to be very small except for Wednesday when they show them visiting the set. and it looks like next month The actor who plays Ashley will be on The hour sometime, due to him coming over for the British Isles show. That's cool.

I was wondering something. I've noticed that there will be a new interview with someone named Sebastian Horsley on Friday's show, it's a new London interview. I know they've done this once with Homayoun Ershadi late last year. Do you think we will get an extra London episode this week? Also, they've added a complete interview with Hugh Cornwell on After the Hour in the same vein as late last year when they placed the interview with the girl from "Friday Night Lights" on the internet section. I wonder why they do that? It just seems a tad confusing. I wonder if they just stockpile interviews or something.

Anonymous said...

A late night ramble

Philip, I think the saying goes that you need two out of these when producing something good: time, money or inspiration.

With time and money, you can savour your research, boning up on every possible angle, getting the immediate satisfaction of airing guests live from another city to suit any schedule or need. Like Peter Gruber and Peter Bart, or Ron MacLean.

With money and inspiration, you can fly the show out to the guests only available in another town then, and stop off at other areas of interest to the viewers nationwide while there. Be it in Vancouver, London or Yahk.

With inspiration and time you can see brilliant guests speak on topical issues who blow your mind, even if you've never heard of them before and wouldn't normally have stopped to watch them interviewed. Like James Appathurai or Paul Franklin.

Sometimes the inspiration is there, but if from an advertiser's revenue-biased view of the audience's need is lessor, the money involved drops. Then if a second link in the chain breaks and the guests timing happens to be off and the guest just doesn't hit their stride in an interview? I can see why they'd choose not to air it.

Take Kylie as a good example. Sure her timing may have been off that day, making her sort od distracted and unable to connect, but the money involved, (or ratings/demand for the pop icon today) outwieghed the fact that both she and Cornwell are, albeit in differing ways, incredibly inspiring people.

Does that make sense?
Just some random
2 cents

Anonymous said...

can someone find pictures of george at the brit awards? he looked great in the opener on 'the hour' on thursday!