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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Coming up this week (February 3-10)...

It's Super Bowl Sunday, but make sure you turn off the game because tonight it's going to be a wild and crazy Sunday night on the Strombo Show.

They rocked an already fragile music word last year with their "pay what you want" online release of their seventh album In Rainbows. Last week, Radiohead released In Rainbows on CD at the top of the charts. Guitarist Ed O'Brien will be in studio with George on Sunday night.

Also, George plays your requests, the band Puddle of mud will play in studio and takes your calls.

Tune in to the Corus Radio Network Sunday 5-8 EST (2-5 PST) on 99.3 The Fox in Vancouver, Power 97 in Winnepeg, FM96 in London, Y108 in Hamilton and 102.1 The Edge. If you're not in any of those cities, check it out online.

Coming up this week on The Hour...

On Monday, One of only four people to become an honorary Green Beret sits down for a chat with George. Wayne Newton earned the nickname "Mr. Las Vegas" by playing over 30 000 shows on the Las Vegas strip over 40 years.

And on Tuesday, multiple Juno award winning singer/songwriter/producer Hawksley Workman joins George on The Hour to talk about his career and his new album Between the Beautifuls.

With her direct talk about safe and satisfying sex, Sue Johanson has brought sex education out of the shadows in over 20 countries. She drops into The Hour studios on Wednesday to talk about her life as a media personality, registered nurse and grandmother.

He's come a long way from failing his high school drama class with credits that include the recent remake of The Amityville Horror, Smokin' Aces and The Nines. Tune into The Hour on Thursday for George's chat with Vancouver-born actor, Ryan Reynolds.

Other people slated to visit The Hour this week include:


Dallas Green
. As one of the vocalists and guitarists in Alexisonfire he's known for his melodic voice. As a solo artist, he's getting ready to release a new album called Bring Me Your Love on February 12th.


Sherry Cooper
. She's the Chief Economist at BMO Capital Markets and she's in high demand these days as a speaker for her ability to explain the crazy world of finance and economics in a way that makes sense to the average joe.


Yung Chang
. This Montreal filmmaker recently made his debut at the Sundance Film Festival with his documentary Up the Yangtze, which takes a close look at the human cost associated with progress, in particular the area along the Yangtze River which is now flooded due to the Three Sisters Gorge.

Debbie Bodkin
: Formerly a Sergeant with the Waterloo Regional Police, Bodkin lived in Darfur for three months, interviewing victims and investigating the situation for the United Nations.


Hugh Cornwell
: The former guitarist and vocalist of the UK punk band The Stranglers, he's currently touring North America with the UK band From the Jam. They are playing Lee's Palace in Toronto on February 6th.

Steven Marks: He oversees litigation, licensing and technical issues for the Recording Industry Association of America. He was part of the negotiations that brought significant changes to the American Copyright Act.

Maj. Gen. Patrick Cammaert: In 2005 he was named the Division Commander of the UN Forces in the Eastern part in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is a contributing author to the book Peacekeeping Intelligence.

And in other news, if you were listening to last week's Strombo Show (and who wasn't?), you may have heard George mention an interview he did on
The Drew Marshall Show last weekend. Touting itself as "Canada's Most Listened to Spiritual Talkback Program", you can now download the mp3 of George's interview on the show. * please note this link was fixed to point to the correct destination.

Also, if you loved Robbie the Tiger's appearance on The Hour last week, make sure you check out the behind the scenes look on After the Hour. It's there for a limited time only so make sure you check it out soon!


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am really enjoying the eclectic mix of guests we're getting this year. This is fast becoming one of my favourite shows.

BTW, Has anyone seen the tentative schedule for the London Episodes on the Ticket info page? I am surprised to see who George is going to interview. Really interesting. This is in two weeks right? I was just curious. I know he went last year as well. Do you know who he interviewed then? Just curious.



Janna said...

George said, "Kylie Minogue, Ricky Gervais, Ken Folletts, Sir David Frost."

Last year, was Mohammed Ali Fayed, One of the Gallagher Brothers... we will look for you Philip.

Mich said...

The London show tapings are set for February 18th and 19th.

I believe CNN Correspondent Christiane Amanpour was also on the show last year in London.

As Janna said, on last night's show he mentioned a few of the people he's scheduled but the list on the ticket website will have more detail. Of course, who he has scheduled is always subject to change.

Philip said...

Thanks guys!

Are there going to be live shows next week though or is it going to be repeats?


Kim said...

Saw tonight's show. Not sure what I think of that 2 min fast question thing. Strange to ask Ryan Reynolds if he thought George was hot.

And is it just me, or is The Hour doing much more advertising of other CBC shows this season. It seems every episode he mentions other shows, and that bit about the Hockey Day in Manitoba, or when he went to those Designer Guys set a couple weeks ago. I see very little advertising for the Hour when I watch other shows on CBC, so what gives?

Guess that's just part of the business of television.

Steph A. said...

I truly enjoyed the Sue Johanson interview. I remember attending a lecture she was giving and her stretching a latex condom out as far as she could and making the comment "one size fits all". Brilliant!

True story...back in my teenage years I was burrowed in my room doing homework while listening to Sue on Q107. Suddenly there was a new caller with voice I was my older-half brother calling in about a problem he was having with his...ahem...male member. I remember jumping off my bed, homework flying everywhere and me yelling to my parents "Bill is on the radio, Bill is on the radio" (sort in the style of "the British are coming", sans the horse and certainly less historically significant). My parents came upstairs and I cranked up the radio. There Bill was...loud and clear. My father were mortified. My mother was amused. Once Sue moved on to the next caller, all attention was turned to me. Why was I listening to THAT show? Ooops. The whole thing back-fired as I got into trouble from my dad. But that's has given me something to hold over my brother's head for years. ;-)