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Saturday, December 15, 2007

'Twas the week before Christmas...

Here is what's coming up this week on The Hour...

Monday, December 17

Former Afghanistan Foreign Minister Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

New CEO and former coach of the Toronto Argonauts

Mike "Pinball" Clemons

Tuesday, December 18

Mandalay Entertainment executive and talk show host Peter Guber

Award winning Canadian R & B singer and songwriter Jully Black

Wednesday, December 19

Check here for up-to-date details.

Thursday, December 20

"The Naked Chef" Jamie Oliver

Humanitarian and member of the Order of Canada Judy Feld Carr

Quick note...

In preparation for this post, I stumbled upon a "mystery" on The Hour's Blog. Check it out.


joe said...

According to TV Guide Canada and The CBC, the second guest for Thursday is someone named Judy Feld Carr.

Jenuine said...

First rate interview with Dr. Abdulah Abdullah. Actually got some insight into the country's views & intentions. A comprehensive, basic rundown from a man that, although choosing his words carefully, expressed openness and actually answered the questions given.

"Pinball" Clemons - what an engaging, vibrant guest. Wild passion for his career and a drive to give back to his community....Wowzers....A future in politics? I certainly hope so.

I honestly believe my eyes are forever scarred: George's canary yellow cardigan? Talking about easy listening? A joke's a joke, but, COME ON!!!!!! *shudder*

Family Feud stories - Looking forward to more.
"So thick it was practically liquid." EWWWWW *shudder #2*

kitten-ish said...

Okay, if I wasn't 100% in love with George before, I am now. How sweet was he with Jully Black? He just keeps getting better with age!

Anonymous said...

On the website it says that Homayoun Ershadi is on tonight's show. Don'tknow what to make of that.

Also, just curious. I wasn't home last night. Who told the last Best Story Ever?

Right On said...

blah blah blah.So you found a crackpot preacher who said, horror of horrors, something you don't agree with. It's funny you left wingers are the first to promote free speech, but quickly change your mind when what they say is not to your liking. How many preachers, priests etc are in the US, 100,000 at least and you concentrate on this guy to bash all Christians. Wow, you are so brave. Well, not really, everyone in the media is doing what you are doing. Why don't you do a show on what muslims think of gays? Why not goerge. Grow some balls, buddy.