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Friday, December 07, 2007

The Hour this week starting with Dec 09

The Strombo Show will be back in Toronto live from The Edge studios this Sunday

But who is on The Hour this week?

Monday December 10 th

Actor Homayoun Ershadi who plays Baba in The Kite Runner

The Right Honourable Jean Chr├ętien who took on the role of the Prime Minister of Canada.

Tuesday December 11 th

One of my favourite Authors Mitch Albom

For One More Day
Albom’s tribute to family and particularly motherhood is his second novel and the first to feature a female protagonist. It explores questions of regret, divorce, and how we would spend one special day with the ghost of someone we loved.

Please comment on what you would do with one more day with a loved one who has passed on. I got the idea from Jim Richards' CFRB radio show and I have been thinking about it since then...


“The Sceptical Environmentalist” Bjorn Lombourg

Wednesday December 12 th

Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace

and also (maybe)

Dave Bidini of the Rheostatics

Thursday December 13 th

Nigel Fisher, President of UNICEF Canada


parisa said...

wow...they are making a movie on the novel "the kite runner"? such a top-notch so excited to see the interview. Homayoun Ershadi has played great roles in Iranian movies..

p.s. there a typo about the actor's name;)it's Homayoun!!


Barbara said...

Thank You Parisa.
I fixed the typo.
It was Jian Ghomeshi that recommended The Kite Runner to me when I was interviewing him for the blog. I read it this summer along with Tuesdays With Morrie... Both books were fascinating and deeply sad and moving at the same time.

joe said...

Hey How are you guys?

I'm a new convert to the Hour. I have been watching it since it started on the CBC, and only watching it religiously since the summer. However I have noticed some things concerning interview tapings and it's really confusing. I've tried e-mailing the show and have got no response. Is there a way that I can ask these questions somehow?


Anonymous said...

Joe- The members of the blog are pretty informed about the tapings and things, I suggest posting your
question here - it may be able to be answered for you rather easily.

I am sure the staff is overwhelmed with emails and can't possibly get back to everyone.

Mich said...

Joe... what are you trying to figure out about tapings?

joe said...

Thanks for the help. I was hoping someone here would be able to answer me. I just wanted to preface this by saying that I only really started observing these things during the new series so this is all new to me.

The question I have deals with when George tapes his interviews and when he schedules them. I know he pretapes a lot of them, if the desired guest is only available for a specific date and can't make regular tape dates. But I have noticed some weird things concerning the amount of interviews he does.

I suspect that next week is the final week for regular episodes before the new year. I've noticed in the Tickets segment many interviews that were filmed earlier this season that haven't aired yet. (Jamie Oliver, Marc Messier, Cassie Campbell)and wonder if these interviews will ever air. I also noticed that the Ershadi interview was bumped. I am glad George got to interview these people, but is George conscious of his own schedule. He has a big backlog of interviews he taped for the show, but he still tapes more. I even saw an exclusive interview on AfterHours with an actress from "Friday Night Lights".

It also sucks when he has to take an unexpected trip and cancel an episode, such as when he received his honorary degree. I remember reading on the "Coming Up" page that that Wednesday's episode was Chris Jericho/Malalai Joya, and then it changed. Then on the following Monday , I was watching Arrested Development and during the closing credits they were advertising the next episode of The Hour and they said that Peter Guber was going to be on. So I thought the original plan was Tuesday "Guber/Difranco" and Wednesday was "Joya/Jericho", but it changed. Does this happen alot where he suddenly takes off? That does suck.

I love the show, and I really enjoy the variety of guests, however it's getting a bit confusingI was really looking forward to the Marc Messier interview as well as the Jamie Oliver interview. I also have seen that certain guests scheduled for one day were rescheduled for a month later. I just was wondering if this happens a lot and if these interviews will be seen in some capacity.

Sorry for rambling. I just need to get my thoughts out.. Oh btw, for those of you that have seen the show live, what happens when they show a taped interview, do you watch it on a screen? and what happens when George does the entertainment news?

Barbara said...

I will try to answer some of your Qs.
His going to Calgary was scheduled well ahead of time. I don't recall it being a last minute thing...
We are all waiting for the Jamie Oliver interview.:-)
They may be saving some interviews to be played instead of best of shows during the christmas season.
There are some last minute schedule changes that they pretaped the intro for and things may had changed on the roster since then. It happens.
I will be going to a taping tomorrow and will try to inquire about your concerns.
Some tapings have live guests, some are one live guest one pretaped guest and some days it's all pretaped guests. The studio audience watches the entire show as if it's all live with commercial time included so the show is taped 'live to tape'. { we don't watch commercials though we just talk to George at those times.
George used to do The News live in front of an audience last season but I have only seen that segment on tape this season. They tape the audiences reaction to the scene when it's a 'news' or a 'best of story' or a feature like 'Good Idea'.
I hope this answers some of your questions Joe/Philip.
It would be great if you could come down and see the process for yourself sometime in the new year.

Janna said...


Hi! Actually as I said in my blogs this Calgary Honorary Degree thing... We knew about for months. I think that George just didn't want to make it this huge deal and he didn't want to pretape (not that you can pretape the News)a show so he did reruns.

I am pretty sure I saw the Jamie Oliver interview... (did you and Barbara check online? I think it might be there)

I know that it can be confusing the schedule... but that is what happens with a live show and even a semi-live show like The Hour. Guests change... I am STILL waiting for Gwen Stefani and Lukas Rossi! And other's from last year!

I usually don't pay attention to who will be on and if I don't like the guest I change the channel. That way I never feel disapointed when G and crew can't deliver an interview.

I know I know... I am sure that is not how you like to watch your TV but just a suggestion. As I also find it rather disturbing when they tease me with a guest.

Angie said...

They haven't aired the Jamie Oliver interview yet. I believe they've also not aired the Sinead O'Connor one. I was in the audience for both and they didn't tell us when they would air.

The best thing is to check out the special guest segment of the get tickets page and watch for people you're interested in seeing interviewed live. If you miss stuff you can watch individual parts on The Hours website. They have stuff from every season. It's kind of cool to go back and check it out.

Jenuine said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Bjorn & found it interesting to hear what he was getting at.
I, however, disagree in the sense that it doesn't have to be one or the other. It's within everyone's grasp to live their day-to-day lives being conscientious of their green efforts, while at the same time, putting forth their time, money, or awareness into helping those who need us.

Mich said...

If I'm reading you correctly, you're wondering why stuff is pretaped and then later aired.

Well, there's probably a few of reasons. One, the person is in town at a time before their project comes out and it's the only time that they can stomp for the book. So it's pretaped to suit their schedule and will air when the project comes out. Chretien's interview is a good example, it was pretaped but didn't air until the day Chretien came to town to stomp the book. I see that happen all the time.

Another reason could be that, as already mentioned, the segments are being stockpiled for future shows in case a guest cancels at the last minute, they need filler, or they are preparing a special slate of shows. Guests cancel all the time, it's prudent to be prepared.

Also, a show's slate may change at the last minute if CBC airs something that will preempt the slot. Particularly if it's only preempted in certain time zones. Rather than air something fresh in some timezones and be preempted in others, a rerun show will air in all time zones. Again, happens all the time with shows of this nature.

As for him "suddenly taking off" he cannot do that as per his contract. Everything that he does is planned in advance... that's how television works. Very little is truly spontaneous.

Hope that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Mich, I think you are mistaken. It was even mentioned during the interview (did you not watch?). Chretien was to be there before but couldn't because of his urgent health situation. The interview was just filmed on Monday.

joe said...

Yeah Monday was supposed to be Chretien (Live) and Ershadi (taped) but Chretien had a lot to say so they bumped the Ershadi interview. and I believe Oliver was interviewed the day after the final show before the two-week hiatus.

Thanks for answering my questions. I understand about the days off. The thing I am a bit pissed about is the fact that he pretapes all these interviews and then he waits so long in showing them and then taping more live interviews without knowing when the original interviews will air. (I hope this Ershadi will have his interview broadcast before The Kite Runner goes to DVD.) and this happened last year as well??
I am also loving the After hour webpage with the clips. Shame there is a quick turn around and there is no way you can see the clips that are taken off.

Thanks again for the answers. (Sorry if I was rambling previously) If someone can maybe ask George what they plan to do the next time someone bumps into him that would be cool. I'm still a big fan of the show. I love the mix of guests and the issue interview/celebrity interview way of the show. I do admit sometimes, he does seem a bit cocky with some of his comments, but I really love the show. One day, I would like to get to see a taping of the show. I'm in Montreal, but hopefully will get down to Ontario soon.


Philip. (I'm posting through someone else's g-mail account)

Mich said...

Did I get my dates confused? I for some reason thought the interview was pretaped in the weeks before the Vancouver shows. My apologies... I am crazy busy these days are becoming one big muddle in my head these days and if I'm not looking at a calendar, then I have no idea what day it is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb or Mich
have you heard anything about the Christmas Holiday Special taping this Friday - is it still going ahead ??


joe said...

Just an update: I just saw on the official website that Jamie will be on next Thursday :)

So, for the celebrity spot at the end it's looking like next week will be John Leguizamo (Mon) Jully Black (Tues), Ron James (Wed) and Jamie Oliver (Thurs)

Barbara said...

Hey Philip I am from Montreal too.
I will be coming home for Christmas.

I know George plans to spend Christmas eve with family and christmas day watching movies. New Years Eve he will be in Vegas watching a fight his manager promotes and participating in his favourite Las Vegas pastime... good luck with that George.

The show will start up taping again on January 2nd.

Anonymous said...

barbara - how DO YOU know all of these personal things about George? AND, why do you post them on a public blog?

Barbara said...

Recently we attended a taping of The Hour. I do this about once a month. George does take a few moments to talk to me when I am at a taping (as he does anyone who sticks around) and I dont talk about that conversation on the blog unless he wants me to mention something about an upcoming event.
He was telling the audience what his plans are for New Years. It's not private stuff if he is telling 100 audience members each night...
It's the same kind of thing he would share on The Strombo Show as well.
So don't worry it was not a secret.

Tracy said...

No one really answered the question of 'if you had one more day with a loved one, what would you do.' I'll go...

One more day with my Grandma who died at 90 and my mom who died at 52. We would have hours of laugh and profanity filled (oops) conversations about life, love, taking joy in the small things and the importance of working hard and playing harder. I think the passion I have for my work, family, friends and community derives directly from them and their take no prisoners approach to life and for mom, her approach to how she faced preparing for death.

If I have even a portion of their strength and humour, I know things will work out for the best. That's a comfort and a gift they gave me and I treasure it always.

I liked hearing from Albom and about how he relates on a personal level to his readers. For me, I don't think I'd do that, but for some, reaching out to someone they don't know brings a comfort in the anonymity.