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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Vancouver's upcoming shows

Monday , Dec 03
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Matthew Good
The outspoken singer has a new album motivated by personal struggle.

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Robert Bateman
The famous artist is bringing kids closer to nature.

Tuesday , Dec 04
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Adam The Dream Healer
An alternative healing source from this student and best selling author.

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Brent Butt
Founder and star of the popular show, 'Corner Gas'.

Wednesday, Dec 05
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Nazanin Afshin Jam
Campaigning to end child executions in Iran.

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Lynn Johnston
The creator of the famous cartoon 'For Better of For Worse'.

Thursday , Dec 06
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Tricia Helfer
A Canadian born supermodel who is carving out her own niche.

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Chris Turner
In search of environmentally friendly innovations.


Jenuine said...

If there's any changes or new guests, we'll keep you posted!
(I heard a rumour about David Suzuki)

Mich said...

Is it a juicy rumour? (just kidding...)

I like this week's lineup. I'm curious to see how they will do things on the road.

Does anyone know why they picked Vancouver? Was it random or was there a particular reason?

Anonymous said...

looking forward for the dream healer guest.... will be nice to see new shows and not reruns....


Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see Adam, Dreamhealer will be on the show. George and the show seem very - hmm... "practical" and fairly mainstream (although I'm sure they would say different). I had a chance to volunteer for one of Adam's workshops, that never panned out. But I've wanted to just see what he's all about. You don't find too many young men other than preachers or evangelists that are into the spiritual/new age field.

I'm almost more curious to see George's reactions to a guest like this! I remember seeing the Amazing Kreskin interview and even the Deepak Chopra - George did a good job, but seemed a bit out of his comfort zone and it was fun to see this! Into the realm of intuition and healing instead of logic and intellect will be great!

Anonymous said...

Is it the same dream healor who saved Steve Earle?

Barbara said...

It was a bit of a pleasant surprise to me too to see Adam the Dreamhealer on the list. I had read Adams book a couple of years ago and remembered the chapter about how he healed Ronnie Hawkins. The when I saw Ronnie Hawkins was going to be on the show I hoped the interview would touch on that because I was curious what The Hawk would say. Then a few days later I brought the book with me to a taping of The Hour and George was telling someone that Adam had contacted him after that show aired.... but George sounded sceptical. I pulled out the Adams book and just gave it to was an odd 'kind of fate made me do it' moment...
I like that George is sceptical and still interested in interviewing Adam...
Maybe Adam can heal George up enough to get him back on the ice for the rest of the Chart Attack Hack's season. Miracles can happen.. even for George.

Anonymous said...

call me picky...

advise = adviCe

sceptical = sKeptical

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...
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Jenuine said...

Great show tonight! Nice to hear one of my heroes sitting down to a convo....definitely going to get my kids his interactive C.D.

Matthew gave a very "Good" interview, as well. Pretty amazing he seemed so open about the details of his hospitalization. Seems like a smart fellah and looking forward to checking out his blog.
His post here & comments about the show:

Can't wait for the Adam interview. Skepticism abounded when seeing the clips.

MAN, this is going to be a good week!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

if i remember correctly, vancouver was the first place they took the show on the road too. and i think it might possible be the first time they ever taped in front of a studio audience.

Steph A. said...

I'm glad we have NEW episodes to watch. The opener last night...awesome.

Kim said...

This is anon Dec 3 2:39pm.
George's scepticism is very apparent as per his comments in yesterday's show.

With any person who has "followers" you have to take it with a grain of salt. Even George has followers, and we take what he says with a grain of salt. For me the point is to empower oneself from this inspiration, not to hand it over to someone to magically heal me - that's not the point.

I'm looking forward to the interview, but also a bit nervous. It can be challenging as a sensitive/intuitive person to always have to justify themselves to the sceptics and not be labelled "flakey", but I suppose you get to see if you are strong in what you believe.

Janna said...

Anon... 7:52pm...

THANK YOU!!!! I am forever fixing spelling mistakes on our blog... and I hate mispelling a word in a blog so please feel free to be the Word Nazi and let us know if you see any other spelling errors if you are so inclined... or you know... we could just spell check our blogs... LADIES!!! ha ha ha

I loved the opener... VERY interested in this Adam character more than that... Mich, they usually pick places with either people that G knows... ie Van City, Cowtown etc.
Or that has some interest... or just for fun... what was that place in the first Season... I forget the name...
I also think it is a West thing... I am/We are forever barading (sp?? Anon 7:52pm help me out here) George about how his show and most of Canada is Toronto Centric. He thinks it is a load of bullshit but I disagree with him.

Anonymous said...

The word Sceptic is spelled correctly. I'm assuming it's the Canadian/British way with no "k". (I looked at just to be sure).

CresceNet said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

yahk, bc.

i agree with the toronto think as well janna. i don't think it's a conspiracy or anything. but i am too tired to go into right now.

Kim said...

This interview with Adam wasn’t easy for me. Adam handled himself well – geesh, he’s only 21 and had a sceptic drilling him. I would hesitate to share my own experiences with George. It made me think, when you march to the beat of your own drum, and that drum looks weird and makes some people uncomfortable, how do you handle this?

Given yesterday’s opening and this interview, I’d love to show George the wonders of Nature and get his hands in some dirt. Then I’d expose him to more ways of experiencing life that may make him uncomfortable, but none-the-less are possible. Do you think he'd go for it? And he calls himself a hippy! :)

Barbara said...

Well I thought the interview with Adam was interesting. I expected George to address the public's reactions both possitive and negative to 'dream' healing and he did. Adam handled it well. I think he wanted to answer those questions but it looks like he is still trying to find those answers himself. I am not on any side of this issue it just continues to intrigue me. It's worth exploring.

When my boyfriend Graham had lung cancer many people sent him positive energy and I thank them for it but he still died from the cancer. I urge people to quit smoking...

Is there something to positive energy that keeps us healthy? I think so. I remaine positive and I stay healthy. I do think it's attitude that gets you through the trials of life but no one lives forever.

Feel free to correct my my family correcting my English is a sign that you care. :-) Plus my spell check went MIA.

Mich said...

I am still as much of a sceptic about Adam DreamHealer now as I was before the interview. First off, his "last name" (if you can call it that) turned me off right away. And the interview, I don't know, something about it just turned me off. I thought Stroumboulopoulos did a good job navigating the whole thing, but I just cannot be convinced that the Adam guy is legit. Something about it just doesn't sit right with me.

I will agree that there is something to the power of positive thinking when it comes to health... not sure I'd put THAT much credence in it, but there is something to it.

Tracy said...

I am a huge believer in the power of positive thinking and energy if not for any other reason than it gives you a better outlook to cope with life's struggles and helps you enjoy the great times all the more.

If Adam is studying sciences, he might want to slide a statistics course in there. If I were to run a seminar and had a 500 attendees, odds are that a small portion of those medical issues would resolve through conventional medical intervention. Sometimes people have unexplained reversals of medical conditions without treatment. The human body is a mysterious thing.

George asked Adam point blank what he charges and then, the verbal dance began. I wish George had hammered him on this. The answer was that money was not his main motivator. Yes, Adam may still live at home with mom and dad. Big Deal. Maybe his mattress is full of $100 bills?

So to use a phrase from my dearly departed grandpa my take is he's so full of s#*T his eyes are brown.


(Yes, my new last name rocks!)

Kim said...

To pass someone off and just say they're fake is disrespectful to their journey. Imagine someone saying to you, "You know, all of your experiences and what you believe is wrong and I think your whole life has been a lie and is fake." Everyone has a different way of looking at things, let's support them figuring out their own path.

I did not like that George asked him how much he charged. I doubt George would tell us how much he makes. Doctors make money, and just because Adam's job description isn't working at a fast food joint, doesn't mean his time isn't worth something! People read his books and are inspired and want more. He's giving them what they want!

George seemed to focus more on trying to prove him wrong than on how this man looks at life. To quote Hamlet, "There is more to heaven and earth, Horatio, than is thought of in our philosophy."

(Gee, this is bringing out some sore points in me! :) )

Steph A. said...

When an individual is confronted with a serious life altering or life ending illness, I think there is an tendency to grasp for anything that can possibly rectify the situation. We refer to this as hope. Sadly, not all interventions will work. It is a fact that all living things eventually die.

As I write this, I am coming from a different perspective. Two days ago I received a telephone call that my long-time friend's mother had passed away. Without getting into many personal details, her diagnosis, rapid decline and death occured in less than three weeks. Could "dream-healing" have helped her survive? Would it have offered hope? Would that hope be false hope? Is false hope better than no hope at all? Interesting questions indeed.

Tracy said...

Kim - I really respect your position (and that you quoted Shakesphere) personal experiences inform our opinions and all points of view are valid. On that, we agree. I absolutely support people finding their own way in life.

However, much of my early 20's were spent working in healthcare and the daily barrage of patients desperate for a miracle cure broke my heart. A number sought out psychic healers, or other people of questionable credentials to no avail. For those terminally ill, they spent their precious last months and days worshipping false idols rather than living their last days to the fullest surrounded by those who could love, comfort and support them best.

If people find some inspiration from Adam or some other person, written work, song, idea or even religion then that is their choice but I personally don't believe that dreamhealing is legitimate.

As far as George's salary - he doesn't purport to have any kind of healing powers or abilities. When you make lofty claims, then in my opinion, you are due some scrutiny.

As far as saying he (Adam) is giving people what they want...I reflect on the many people through history and present day who give or gave people what they want who had not one iota of their
'followers' best interest at heart.

I stand by my position but am glad you have your own too! At the end of it all, we can agree that we're all on our own journey and that we each need to find our way through this life the best we can and if those paths are completely divergent, that's o.k.

Be well...

carol s said...

According to his web site, registration fees for the Canadian seminars listed are $129.

Kim said...

Tracy - you wrote a good letter. I can see your point, it's hard to watch people still suffer after trying so many things. Nothing in life is 100%, and perhaps fear of death is what makes people so angry about things like this. I guess we all just do the best we can to figure out life.

The interview brought out sore points in me because my own choices in life are not mainstream and have been looked at as weird. People's funny looks or scepticism made me choose to live a bit of a loner life, because this gave me the space to explore my own heart and ideas. A blessing really, and being with myself has helped me come at life very purely. But I see how keeping myself away from some people is disrespecting myself and isn't shining my own truth powerfully.

So this interview with Adam was very timely in my own life learning. I watched how he handled scepticism, to learn from it for myself.

Blessings to you as well! It's a good discussion!

Tracy said...

Kim - Thanks for your post.

A quote by Thomas Carlyle that I love - 'Popular Opinion is the Greatest Lie in the World'

Interesting discussion is always worthwhile - if we all agreed on everything it would be a very dull world!

Jenuine said...

Kim & Tracy,
What an elegant debate.
You both have a passion for kindness, tolerance & discussion which enables readers to explore their own thoughts.
It is dialogue like this, that gives me great pleasure in knowing that two people can have drastically different opinions, yet are willing to see things through the others' eyes.
*In my most motherly of voices*
I'm so proud of you.

At times like these, (sorry boys), it really makes me wish we had more women as world-leaders.
With, of course, a mandatory PMS day off....or two.
; )

Barbara said...

"a mandatory PMS day off"... LOL
Ah Jenuine you make me laugh.

Tracy said...

Ahhh shucks Jenuine... thanks for your words.

Really enjoying the shows from Van so far... Lynne Johnston was such a charming interview. I recall when she was presented her Canadian Walk of Fame Award and promptly dropped and broke it on live TV - she handled it with amazing humour and class.

Kim said...

Jenuine - Thanks for your words! Women are great - but I think it takes empowered, humble women in touch with their emotions and compassion to have elegant debates. So my next question is, when are we going to get our own TV show? Move over George, the women are taking over!

I saw this documentary once on a small women-run community in Kenya called Umoja. These women didn't like being beaten by their husbands, female circumcision, having no power, etc. decided to start their own community. It is run very differently from the male-dominated ones not that far away. But they are figuring things out, starting their own businesses, and raising their sons with these values. And the biggest thing I noticed, is that they include everyone, teach everyone and don't try and dominate one another. Amazing!

carol s said...

Is that documentary available anywhere, that you know of?
Sounds very interesting...

Anonymous said...

a few comments on your discussion..first, to me, comments like "a mandatory PMS day off" don't move women ahead, they move us back...when a girl is angry or upset do you say "oh, she must have her period" as well?

also, while i love the thought of women run government or women run communities, i'm more pessimistic about how that would look and what would happen. i've long believed that sometimes women are women's own worst enemy - the girl hating, the jealous, the lack of support for other women by women...but this is just my two cents.


Kim said...

Carol - I watched the documentary on TV one day. I don't have cable. I did a quick internet search and found a link to the film maker's website and I found out it was on the show "SexTV". There's a trailer/preview you can watch on the film maker website.

Yes, it can be frustrating in some situations with women. I've tried to stay out of groups of women who aren't empowering. I feel people are people, some have it together, some don't and we can choose who we spend our time with. In the end we need both sexes to bring their own gifts and perspectives.

Anonymous said...

kim - well put :)


Jenuine said...

Thank you Barbara, for your appropriate response.

ww: The Midol is in aisle 3!


Anonymous said...

jenuine - all other things aside deeming one persons response as "appropriate" while suggesting another needs Midol just a few posts after claiming how proud you are of the other girls because of their ongoing civilized debate and differing opinions is well.. inappropriate


carol s said...

Thank you, Kim.
There are times when I would like to start a community with the same values you mentioned from the documentary... lol

Kim said...

Carol - my pleasure!
I think now I'm stepping out of the discussion. Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

jenuine. thank you muchly for so clearly proving my point.

ps. and thank you EG for understanding my point.

Anonymous said...

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