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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Live from Vancouver

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Tune in today to hear George's interview with Matthew Good, some fine, fine music & call-ins.
You can go to to put in any song requests or to see if he posts any videos of songs he's playing.

I've got one:
"Winter Wonderland" by The Brian Setzer Orchestra


Steph A. said...

I thought Paul Bates was an great addition to the radio program today. :)

Mich said...

I concur... Bates was a good addition.

The music, at times, left something to be desired, but there were some interesting additions.

Tracy said...

Paul was terrific, Bob was missed. Can we agree that the random person who would like to break into media/journalism calls in to seek George's guidance is so played out? My advise - listen to the advise he's given each week since the relaunch - it's consistent.

Set a goal, know what you're passionate about, be committed to
truly paying your dues, learn your trade inside and out and be willing to make the necessary sacrifices in your personal life to realize your ambitions. There's lots of talented people out there - it comes down to who wants it most.


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