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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

This Hour Has 70 Minutes

It's official. The "After the Hour" website officially launched today. What is "After the Hour"?
I'm glad you asked.

Media in Canada published the following article on their website:

Strombo virtually bumped to 70 minutes

Yesterday, CBC launched a 10-minute online after show to complement The Hour. The aptly named After the Hour is being sponsored by Labatt Breweries of Canada, and will feature behind-the-scenes footage, including out-takes and extended versions of host George Stroumboulopoulos's interviews with guests. Each episode will be available on-demand and also streamed at

The sponsorship is a great way for the company to reach consumers, says Labatt media strategist Ben Seaton. "Both the Keith's Family and CBC Television's The Hour are wholly committed to supporting our Canadian roots and culture, which makes this partnership a natural fit."

Adds CBC GM of media sales and marketing: "By offering viewers exclusive digital content, we are furthering our connection with our audiences and engaging them at another important touchpoint."

Interesting tidbits include Chris Jericho's "Best Story Ever", more interview viz with Steve Earle, Stroumboulopoulos' doctor of laws acceptance speech and a very bizarre video about humans and animals doing pushups.


Barbara said...

Ironic George does not drink 'alcoholic' beer yet a beer company sponsors his show. I can't say I have ever been tempted to drink beer while watching The Hour. I don't see the connection the sponsor sees. But if it brings us extras like this ... let 'em pay for it if they feel like buying 'the round'.

Anonymous said...

Me likey:}

Janna said...

I just saw the FUNNIEST video on After the Hour... you gotta go see the one at Tom Green's house.