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Friday, November 16, 2007

Your Thoughts?

This one's double duty, with issues from the November 14th and the November 15th show. I'm starting to think I need more sleep, because lately, my brain is shutting off around 10:30, in the middle of watching the East Coast feed of The Hour. So I apologize for the delay, but maybe posting now will carry us through the weekend and as we go back into the territory of repeats next week.

So what made you yell at the television over the past couple days? What made you go "hmmmmm" in the middle of the interview? What are your thoughts on the issues?

1) The Cold Opener on Wednesday was all about those super vivid dreams or nightmares that some of us have. I know lately my dreams are going all weird, involving jelly donuts and trenches (like the ones in wars)... and oddly enough, the CBC building. And I do have some reoccuring nightmares, like George's, but not involving wrestlers. Nope. Mine involve bees... and identical quintuplets. Do you think these kinds of dreams are influenced by what's going on in our lives or is it just our brains playing a mean (or just weird) game with us?

2) Ani DiFranco, discussed candidates in the American election (which feels like it's gone on forever... and there's still a year to go. This is why I hate set terms and election dates... no one ever stops campaigning. Elections should be surprises... like root canals or burst appendix. They certainly seem just as painful). DiFranco commented that the public are becoming "media sheep" and have stopped thinking for themselves when it comes to candidates because of the spin phenomenon. Is there anyone who doesn't spin these days? Is it true that the common man isn't thinking for him/herself and just voting the way the media says they are going to? Is is the term "unelectable" valid? Is any candidate who throws their hat in the ring truly "unelectable" or is that just another PR move to get the vote away from candidates?

3) Matt Damon was named "Sexiest Man Alive" or whatever by People Magazine. Honestly, I don't get it. Sure Damon's a looker. Sure some people think he's sexy. So it's not the choice that baffles me, it's the whole bloody concept. Why? Why choose one man who is the "sexiest" when everyone's tastes differ. Do we really have to turn men into a piece of meat? I don't know. Maybe I just don't get the whole "cult of the celebrity" thing... or why I should care that Matt Damon is the sexiest man alive. Honestly, I'd rather hear about what he's working on and his charitable work than be told he's the sexiest man alive. And really, what criteria do they use? I apologize for the rant, but I've just never understood: a) the appeal of this subject for People magazine and b) how these people choose ONE man as the sexiest. I just don't get it.

4) Top TV Icons of all time: The Associated Press has prepared a list of the Top 50 TV Icons of all time as part of a TV special airing Friday night at 8 EST. George revealed the Top Ten on The Hour.

10) Dick Clark
9) Homer Simpson
8) Jerry Seinfeld
7) Mary Tyler Moore
6) Carol Burnett
5) Walter Cronkite
4) Bill Cosby
3) Oprah Winfrey
2) Lucille Ball
1) Johnny Carson

Agree or disagree? Who's in your top ten?

5) Mark Cohon, the Commissioner of the CFL made the comment that the CFL and the NFL can work together through cross-promotion of NFL games with CFL games. Do you think it's a good idea for the NFL to start infringing on the CFL's turf? Do we really need American football or should we concentrate instead on building and maintaining Canadian football? Is this even something to be concerned with or should we be concerned that the Buffalo Bills will be playing in Toronto in the near future? Can the CFL survive if the NFL comes to town?

6) I think it's very cool that Letterman is paying his staff out of pocket during the Writer's Guild strike. I can totally understand why... in television, you really want to build and then keep a team together that you can trust and work well with. I have that kind of team, and if I could, I'd pay them even when we're on a dark period. Michael Landon did that with his crew between productions. It just means that the team can stay together and still manage to pay those pesky bills.

Other than that, I thought it was a pretty interesting week of interviews. So what did you think?


Barbara said...

Cold Opener and dreams... Strangely I had a dream last night that George was a university teacher and I fell asleep in his class. Then I had a nap this afternoon and dreamt I told George I had a dream about him being a teacher and I fell asleep in his class...
I think George has become an archetype in many peoples dreams.
What he symbolizes I am not entirely sure.... All I know for sure is if I bring a pillow to class in a dream no matter who the teacher is I am going to fall asleep.

mich said...

Awesome Barbara... wonder what it means? I have dreams about jelly donuts as my weapon of choice in a war... it's very odd.

But falling asleep in class while high-profile teachers teach? I've done that... good times... good times!

Kyle said...

Alright, I have a thought on George's sleep issue. I saw it mentioned in this post, and he mentioned it in the recent Anthony Robbins conversation.

I think George can't sleep because he's afraid, while he's out, that he'll miss something.

I've been having the same issue lately, because my interests are expanding rapidly and it makes me want to stay awake ALL OF THE TIME. I'm a thought junkie. I think George is too.

Janna said...

George's friend Bob is well known for saying that about George, and I tend to agree with you.

Who needs sleep when there is life to enjoy.

Kyle said...

Wow Janna...what are the odds?

I don't know enough about George to know who Bob is.

Another thing that crossed my mind is that maybe George kinda feels responsible to the public in some way. Being the only person, by far, n that can deliver what he does in the way that he does it has to add a certain feeling of responsibility to an audience. If you're Joe Blow, Channel 4 News and you've been standing in a hurricane for 6 hours it's probably not hard to pack it in for the day for a good nap considering some other Jow Blow from Channel 4 News can deliver the same thing, in the same way, once Joe Blow one is off the air.

When George is off the air and out for the night, who brings us what he does in the way that he does it? No one...not even remotely. If I were him, I'd certainly feel that way.

Erin said...

Random thought - do you think there is a guiness world record for "Most Popular Boyfriend"? If so, I think we should notimate George because he's got to be beating some record being Canada's (and surrounding American states) boyfriend...I don't know if it compares to the honorary doctorate but it's still an accomplishment ;)

Niki said...

Wow Erin, last time I checked he wasn't anyone's boyfriend I know nor do I want him to be mine. You should start the nomination,
Honorary Doctorate be damned.
Canada's boyfriend is a far better accomplishment.

Janna said...

Hey Kyle,

Bob Mackowyz Jr worked on the Hour during Seasons One and Two and was his co-host on his radio show when The Strombo Show was on CFRB in Toronto. They also hosted another radio show together earlier in their careers. Above all they are close friends.

I think your theory is a good one.
I know from personal convo's with George, he values living his life to the fullest but I can only deduce that he must feel some responsibility for/to his audience. I kinda think he feels like he needs to speak the truth or at least present it to us. Not to tell us what to think but to tell us TO think.

Kyle said...

You know Janna, what you're saying about what to think as opposed to just thinking in general is bang on.

The only absolute truth to me is awareness. A lot of people mistake that for knowledge or information. But without awareness, you're just a person that knows stuff. It's entirely different. This is the kind of thing I'm going to get into in my own blog. I certainly feel this way about George as well, which is why I like him. I feel the same way about Lou Dobbs...but man...I can't watch TV anymore. It's awful.

Thanks for the bio on Bob. I imagined the bio music from the hour as I read it...haha...a nice way to start my day.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

George's somewhat erratic lifestyle may stem from when he first began in radio broadcasting and he started with the night shift sleeping on the studio floor. He also mentioned in his Robbins interview that he has had sleeping problems for about 20 years. He must feel a responsibility toward the public but the pressure doesn't seem to phase him and might be inclined to have obsessive behaviour in some areas like News as he has said he is a News junkie.
George mentioned having attended a Raptors game at Halloween and there was a shot of him and Bob in the stands; then, on the show he did an impression of the 'Whiteboy' dance he had done with the Mascot! I think he had worked with Bob at TSN together.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Bob Mackowyz Sr. was a well known radio personality in Toronto - I recall him on the airwaves when I first moved to Toronto.

Bob Jr. comes across as very well spoken on radio too !