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Monday, November 19, 2007

Get ready for a heaping bowl of Hour Stew cette semaine....

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This week's menu prepared by the creative team of The Hour
and always delivered in style by your host: George Stroumboulopoulos.
Bon Appetit!


A delightful bold entree of Naomi Klein
with a lingering, yet zingy serving of Paul Anka.
Accompanied by a unique, yet refreshing mix of Jeff Goldblum
and a small delicious sampling of Craig Ferguson.

A sharp roasted entree of Rick Mercer
served with an exotic & exquisite helping of Jane Goodall.
Georges St. Pierre and The Foo Fighters
will add a punch of flavour enhancement to this robust meal.

A timeless dish of hot & wild Joan Jett,
harmonized with a spicy serving of Carlo Rota,
and balanced with a mild hint of Jason Priestley.

A contrasting buffet of main courses to sample from:
A modern country taste of Brooks & Dunn,
a complex European platter of Henry Morgentaler,
a fresh invigorating Scottish helping of KT Tunstall,
or the tried & true favorite, homestyle fare of Stephen Lewis.

Always a surprise, and often a leftover mix of popular,
"back by demand" items.

Thank you for choosing The Stroumboulopouli and we hope you enjoyed your visit.
As always, we encourage you to leave your critiques & suggestions in our comment box.


Anonymous said...

Whats with the repeats? Why was the strombo show, not live last night???...Where's George and what's with his myspace mood status? He's now 'awake'!!!

Janna said...

G is in LA this week...?
This only means one thing...