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Thursday, November 15, 2007

That's Dr. Stroumboulopoulos to you!

George, was in Calgary on Tuesday to get his Honorary Degree from the University of Calgary

He delivered an address to the Graduates and accepted his degree in Doctor of Laws.

Despite the ridiculous hat and gown! (George complained of wanting the "cool black gowns" everyone else was wearing.) But in usual form, George was dressed for the occasion in a black hoodie, black jeans, and his runners...(totally awesome) but the funniest part... was seeing G in his heavy winter coat and scarf... (Calgary isn't THAT cold... HA HA HA.) Oh! and the guy who ran up on stage to kiss one of the graduates.

More then that his inspiring speech sent the new Alumni out into the world with a fresh look upon life.

George stated that " his mom had two dreams in life for George 1. to get into heaven and 2. Get a degree and at least now one has happened".

So next time you see George, make sure you Congratulate him!


Anonymous said...

As far as I know, to get a degree you must study at the University...

Anonymous said...

I would very much like to hear that speech, anyone else? George doesn't look funny in that hat and gown! Please, if we want George to evolve with his look, we must use encouraging words. (PS, I am a stylist for hire!)

mich said...

You can find a clip with the speech on the After the Hour website:

Anon@1:10, what do you mean by evolve his look with encouraging words?

Janna said...

Anon 12:21-> Hmm, you should email George and ask him about it. I was there in person and they said honorary degree Doctor of Laws. And then stated he was Dr. Stroumboulopoulos... so, I am fairly certain he has it.

Anon 1:10pm.... HA HA HA HA!! George doesn't look funny he looks ridiculous. But so did ALL THE STAFF....and at least he wasn't waving the mace around... I know that it is tradition but... still... so ridiculous.

mich said...


I got a craving fries when I saw him in that "McOutfit"...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations G. I love your show